What’s Your Pleasure Type?

Joy Delight and ThrillWhat feeds you? What gives you pleasure, and the type of pleasure that keeps you coming back for more, defines so much of who you are and, if you are a business owner, the type of brand you build.

How to Recognize Your “Type”:

Putting in the hours and putting out the effort does bring results. There is something more to real success, though. It is getting pleasure – the right kind of pleasure – from what you do.

In my work, I have found three distinct “types” rewards that keep people inspired and motivated. Which one is most likely to gets you inspired to take action?

Here is a brief description of each, with some examples that help distinguish them.


As I define it, Joy is that special form of happiness that is hard to pin down. It is a light and cheerful and yet full-bodied sense of something. It is happiness about an idea or a concept and is often hard to describe.

The French term, joie de vivre, means joy of life or in being alive. It is a bubbling over about something. Joy is that great feeling of happiness that comes over us, making us feel present and energized.

I like to use the example of someone who gets joy out of going to the gym because they know it is good for them, it makes them feel and look good, it is the act of honoring themselves and their bodies, it wakes up the fuel burning system in the body, and starts (or ends) their day off right.

It’s happiness with lots of causes, a combination of reasons, and the big idea behind them all that is Joy.


This form of pleasure is about “doing.” It comes through being aware of enjoyment both while and because your are doing something.

Pleasure from driving a fast car, working really hard at something or being on stage performing for an audience is the Thrill type of pleasure. The knowledge of the experience, accompanied by physical sensations of that experience make up the Thrill.

Staying with our gym analogy, people who love the feel of “the burn” – lifting weights, in spinning class, or cycling up a long hill – are the thrill type of pleasure seekers. It is the physical sensation, rather than the idea that draws them back.


This is a little tricky to describe. Delight involves both input and output. It is the sense of pleasure that comes from something and because of something. It involves some kind of gratification or sense of satisfaction. It is the result, rather than the idea or the doing that brings this type of pleasure.

Back to the gym: Delight is when you can fit into your jeans again because of the gym! Or feeling better because you worked off that energy on the treadmill or melted away the day on the yoga mat. Delight involves a specific effect or result.

Brand Pleasures

In thinking about some examples in brand terms, we need to focus on what the brand does for people.  Here are some car examples based on the brand slogans:

For joy brands,Volvo focuses on the celebrating a sense of connection to safety – Volvo for Life
and Toyota on connecting to your aspirations – Let’s Go Places, or their previous slogan, Moving Forward

It’s not too hard to come up with a Thrill brand – all about the experience of the product or service:
BMW focuses on the experience of driving the car – The Ultimate Driving Machine and Sheer Driving Pleasure

Now, for the Delight brands, I think about brands with an outcome, like Lexus, with The Pursuit of Perfection and Hyundai with Drive Your Way.

Your response to these types of slogans will tell you something about yourself. What is your pleasure type – Joy, Delight, or Thrill?

Discover how your Genie reveals your pleasure type. You can read more about this soon in Your Success Genie – the book is on its way!

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Author: Sue Hines

  1. Eve KoivulaEve Koivula07-24-2014

    I’d say Delight.
    Besides, Lexus is a nice car 🙂

    • Sue HinesSue Hines07-24-2014

      Love that sense of humor! Great perspective, though, Eve.

  2. MeredithMeredith07-23-2014

    Interesting! I think I am motivated my joy, mostly. Especially as it relates to going to the gym. I don’t get any thrill or delight from it, but I feel better knowing I’m doing a good thing. I like how you described each of these. Now I’m going to be looking around, analyzing which I’m feeling.

    • Sue HinesSue Hines07-23-2014

      Glad I got you thinking, Meredith. It sounds as if Joy is right. Take the Genie quiz and you will find out a little more – whether you are idea, energy, or power oriented. http://findyourgenie.com.

  3. Sue — I think at one time or another I can experience each of the pleasure types. I guess I just like to feel happy.

    • Sue HinesSue Hines07-24-2014

      At different time, I think we experience all the pleasure types. The key thing is which is the one that tickles you most – that keeps you coming back for more. When you are tuned in to that, you start to make it happen more and more – and, along the way, you get stuff done!!

  4. Michele HarveyMichele Harvey07-22-2014

    I think I have 2 pleasure types, both joy, and delight, as both resonate with me.

    • Sue HinesSue Hines07-22-2014

      Wonderful! We humans rarely fit neatly in one compartment. the value in doing the analysis is highlighting awareness of things – with the huge benefit of now we can aim more directly at them. You have the advantage of flexibility and can work to serve either Joy or Delight, depending on the situation.

  5. Laurie HurleyLaurie Hurley07-22-2014

    I was immediately attracted to “delight” input and output. I like to work hard and see the fruits of my labor blossom. No doubt I am a results-oriented person!

    • Sue HinesSue Hines07-22-2014

      Yes! That fits your Genie type, Laurie. It’s the relationship between what you do and the outcome!

  6. jacquiegumjacquiegum07-22-2014

    Wow, I’d never given this much thought! It might be different depending on the product? But if I had to hazard a guess for me personally, it likely would be thrill…based on your description. This was enlightening!

    • Sue HinesSue Hines07-22-2014

      Jacquie, that is an interesting observation. Fun to explore a little on an uplifting subject. The Thrill is a powerful creator of memories, seeds that keep us coming back for more.

  7. Susan CooperSusan Cooper07-22-2014

    I think my pleasure type is Joy. My happiness is from a combination of causes and reasons.

    • Sue HinesSue Hines07-22-2014

      Susan, the nice thing about Joy is you can find it in an instant – just reflect and voila! There it is. You can find it anywhere and any time you want. seems you are one of the lucky ones.

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