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SerendipityFraming Your Attention

The supermarket cashier seemed barely awake. It was 10 minutes into the day and she stood with her head half-bowed, eyes looking a little glazed.

I almost didn’t want to disturb her. Her posture made me feel guilty about her having to get up so early to serve people like me who took for granted that the store would be open when I needed it.

Looking around, I scanned the other lanes, hoping I wouldn’t have to wake her up and turn on her day with this mundane purchase of mine. Had her child kept her up all night? I wondered.

No other tills were open, so I had no alternative. Still I hesitated.

As I stood there, she lifted her head, put her palms together in front of her chest, and her lips moved ever so slightly. I couldn’t make out if it was “Amen” or “Namaste.”

But her lovely smile as she saw me said it all!

As I approached her, she said: “I like to start the day by wishing it a good one for everyone I meet.”

…Our expectations govern a large part of what we experience in life. I’d like to offer you the gift of attention to serendipity.

The dictionary defines serendipity as the accidental discovery of something pleasant, valuable or useful.

I invite you to stay open and expect some wonderful accidental discoveries and to share them liberally with everyone you meet.

Look for the delightful Ah-Ha! in what others day and do and it will give you an unfair advantage over the day. You will be ready for anything.

Remember that beginnings and endings are very important for building lasting memories.

  • Great beginnings (10 seconds or less) capture attention and make people receptive to your serendipitous gift.
  • Great endings ensure your gift will be remembered.

Use the first moments of your encounters to connect.
Use the last to make it matter.

In the time between, be open to changing your own paradigm of thinking. You never know what you will discover!

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