Your Many Gifts

You have giftsYou have gifts!

The dictionary defines GIFT as ” a notable capacity, talent, or endowment.”  Each one of us comes with a whole bouquet of them. Do you know what yours are?

You have many gifts. They are the seeds of your success.

In this hurly-burly world it can be difficult to recognize how the simplest things can guarantee our success in life.

Here are 5 ways to recover the essences that enrich your life and propel you to be more and do more:

1. Discover the patterns and themes that shape you and make you strong. They are the seeds of your growth and fulfillment.

Notice what consistently energizes you and figure out what makes you feel stuck in a rut. While this is easier said than done, digging down deep to find the common essence behind the things that bring you joy and satisfaction is actually the fastest way to redesigning your world to better suit you.

2. Recognize your special sweet spots. They reveal your potential.

To feel more fulfilled, identify what you are good at and what you most enjoy. What comes easily and makes you feel satisfied that you are making a difference?

3. Work your wonderfully creative tools. They are your core sources of power.

Figure out what you do that makes you feel like a master or a magician. Start by isolating whether your sense of worth is activated by your abilities when it comes to people, ideas, actions or things.

4. Set your goals and a path to fulfilling your vision. They are your declaration of your future.

Get in touch with what really matters to you by looking at the people that inspire you and the experiences you want to repeat. Your desires and values are the clues to future fulfillment. They hold gifts to guide you.

5. Realize where you belong. It is your source of wholeness.

Remind yourself whether it is a physical location or a tribe that make you feel centered, real and at one with yourself. It may even be that you feel so in tune with an action or activity it feels like what you “were meant to do.” Reaching the understanding of your sense of “fit” takes you closer to your purpose.

Let’s recover your gifts!




Author: Sue Hines


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