Your Future Identity

paint your futureDo you have a clear vision of who you are becoming? You are shaping your future right now – whether you know it or not. My dear friend, Jack, says “You spend the first half of your life figuring out what to do with the second half.”

And that all depends on today!

When you paint a clear and compelling picture of the future, you have something to aim for. The first rule in any plan is to have specific desired outcome.

A friend said recently that she never looks too far into the future because she fears jinxing it. Are you like that? When you look ahead, do you wonder what tricks your mind will come up with to prevent you from achieving what you want?

The hidden message in this is really the most significant thing. Do you see it?

This perspective embodies a belief that you have the ability to shape your future, your outcomes.

When people say: “Things always happen for a reason” (and they quite often do say this) it makes me stop and think. If things happen for a reason, it means something is shaping my life for me.

I prefer to think that I do have the ability to shape my own future. So, when things happen, I look for a purpose to make of them.

Perhaps I am a control freak. I want to know I have the ability to make things happen. I have a desire to grow and seek opportunities to do so. I am always looking for new ways of being and I don’t like to think my only way to do so is by choosing a reaction.

Talking of reacting, I agree with Tony Robbins when he says “It is not about your resources, it is about your resourcefulness.”

Things do happen, and you might not be entirely responsible for your condition or circumstances, but you are responsible for how you live as a person in or through that condition.

My little silent hobby is learning about the greatness of people and learning what made them like that. The answer always comes from within them – their sense of life.

As a coach and counselor, my greatest pleasure is when I see people recover their own essence and realize their own potential. In that space, in the silence of that awareness, they become aware of their own strength – and that is a beautiful thing!

This is the core they have been seeking and everything that was holding them back is now pushing them forward.

This soul motivation is what I call your Genie. It pushes you forward. It smooths the way for what you want to achieve. You can direct your Genie and guide how and what it facilitates for you in your life.

Discover Your Genie Here

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