Your Dream Job

Dream JobHow often do you have the feeling, “this is what I was born to do”? Where does that sense of certainty come from, and how can you get it if you don’t already have it?

I want to start by quoting NYU graduate and activist, Rita Mae Brown:

I believe you are your work. Don’t trade the stuff of your life, time, for nothing more than a few dollars.That’s a rotten bargain.”

The combination of these 3 short sentences offers great wisdom. If you do nothing more in your life than heed them, you will probably be able to look back on your life with satisfaction.

The closing of a year tends to bring us the urge to re-evaluate where we are and re-calibrate where we are going. This makes it the perfect time to think about what you do with your time.

What do you think about the work you do each day?  

If your answer does not excite you or bring alive that sense of purpose and fulfillment we all need to feel worthy and valuable, NOW is the perfect time to change that!

Decide how you want to feel 

Sit yourself down with a piece of paper and write down the feelings you want to have while you are working and at the end of the day.

Write only positive feelings and sensations, between 5 and 20 of them. Resist the temptation to write what you don’t want.

Post the list on your mirror or any place you will see it at least twice a day.

Now all you have to do is figure out how to create those feelings in your life:
  1. Change your attitude
  2. Change your environment
  3. Change your actions
  4. Change the company you are keeping

In truth, the hardest one of those things is the 4th one, changing the company you keep. It is difficult for 2 main reasons.

  • First, we are inclined to blame ourselves for relationships that don’t work and we try to change ourselves so we fit better with the wrong people.
  • Second, we try to change others so they suit us better.

We are rarely successful at either, and holding on to the hope that they will work merely keeps us in unhappy situations longer than is good for us.

Stick with the feelings you want. Look for them every day.

Recognize when they appear. Notice when and why – and do more of whatever brings them.

Build a mental list of things that you enjoy or that bring you delight, however small or apparently inconsequential.

Celebrate the good feelings when they show up.

Consciously make them the highlights of your day. Whenever you can, verbalize them or at least take a second to acknowledge the moment.

Even keep a diary of when they happen.

A client of mine draws a check mark on the back of her hand whenever she recognizes herself feeling grateful, happy, or “on purpose”.

When she started doing this she’d go to bed happy at night knowing she had one or two check marks. After a couple of months, though, she found she regularly had 5 or 6 at the end of each day.

Know your bliss, and you are well on the way to creating your dream job!

If you need help getting there, LET’S TALK.



Author: Sue Hines

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