Who Wants A Worm Anyway?

worm by digipamWhat Gets You Going in the Morning?

Not too long ago, some popular science magazine had an article about every family having at least one Early Riser and at least one Night Owl. Apparently it’s nature’s way of ensuring we always have someone on guard. Now that got me thinking…

They say “The Early Bird Gets The Worm” and that always bugged me as a child because I was the Early Bird in our family and I didn’t want worms for breakfast.

I get it, though. If we were all exactly the same, we wouldn’t really need much from each other, would we? It is because we are all completely and utterly unique that we need and serve each other.

Long ago a great man who loved to sit outside under the beautiful blue Mediterranean sky, talking about life and love, said:

“No man is sufficient unto himself. Man must associate so the needs of all can be met.” ~Plato

Reading about nature’s way of spreading the guard duty across the family’s Early Birds and Night Owls, I was reminded that we don’t have to try to be “sufficient unto ourselves” and that Plato also said:

“Everybody has something to give. This is the echo in him of the fundamental generosity from which his being flows.”

What is Your Special Gift?

When we tap into the uniqueness that is our Self, when we realize what it is that only we can bring to the world, we feel valuable. We feel needed. We become worthy.

There are people who are natural leaders. Some people love designing new things. Both my sisters are teachers bringing the light of understanding to the leaders and designers of tomorrow. I have a friend who is a minister and one who is a dentist.

Looking at everyone I know in this way, a see a cornucopia of passions, skills and talents; a wonderful abundance of human potential and ability.

I am very glad that there are accountants and carpenters and history teachers. We need their skills – I need their skills because I value what they do but don’t want to do it myself. I am happy that they love what they do AND that they are willing to trade their expertise.

What floats your boat? What gets you up and going?

For each of us there is a “cause” or a “sense” that energizes us and makes us feel the power of our gifts as individuals. Feeling that lifts us, centers us and things start to happen. We get moving and we keep moving.

Find your Genie, find that “Go” button. It is so much fun to catch that and surf it all the way in!

Read more about your Genie hereĀ 

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