What is “Exciting?”

Emerging ButterflyI recently spent a half-day with Rudi, a client who has “grown into” her career as a teacher, but was feeling restless. While she was reasonably happy with her work, her life, and her finances, it was all simply OK. It was fine. Good, not great.

Rudi was plagued by a sense that she had missed out on something somewhere along the way. She found herself constantly thinking about changing her career and doing something more “exciting.” Just OK was not enough.

The problem is, she had absolutely no idea what that something more exciting could possibly be.

As a teenager, Rudi had set of to backpack around Europe. Six months into her adventure she found herself in Italy, with dwindling resources. She negotiated a reduced rent, in exchange for teaching English to her landlord’s children.

She returned home a few months later and, much to the relief of her parents, went to university to become a teacher. Now here she was, 35 years later, having what she called her midlife crisis. The constant refrain running through her mind was “What on earth am I supposed to be doing?”

We explored her life, her decisions, and her career. We explored her childhood imaginings of where she would be and what she would be doing in the faraway distant future when she was 50 years old. Most important of all, we dug down deep into Rudi’s desire for that something, that excitement she felt she was missing. Then we figured out what something more exciting was for her and how she could get it.

I saw her last week. She’s like a different person. Rudi’s appearance seems smarter and she is more vibrant and is happier. Yes, definitely happier. She is still a teacher. She still lives in the same house, drives the same car, and has the same life, but she is different. She does have a 2 hour commitment every other Tuesday. She has passion and purpose!

She is going to be spending her summer on the coast in Italy. Not only is she going on  vacation there, but she will be paying for it all by spending 2 weeks teaching English to Italians. She is also starting a bi-weekly local Meetup Group for Italians who want to have a safe place to come and practice their English. She has so many great ideas for getting their conversation flowing and helping them practice.

You don’t have to give up your life to follow your passion. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Don’t wait until you are too old or tired to do what you love – or even to find what lights your fire.

If your life is OK, let’s talk!

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