What is Beyond Creative?

IngenuityIngenuity brings creative ideas to life  

Have you also found that when you are wrestling with that awful sense of feeling stuck the world seems to take on a different tone? It’s like an old photograph. Once sharp, now yellow and fragile.

I invite you to ignite the fire inside you….!

Creativity is about seeing something in a new way.

Innovation is turning ideas and imagination into reality and applying ideas to bring about something new.

The special quality of ingenuity is that it incorporates both of those things and it involves insight, it solves a problem.

We all have problems so we all need ingenuity.  How well is yours working?

It starts with creativity. We need to get this out of the way before we can return to how we use creativity in our ingenuity. Whenever the word “creativity” comes up a good portion of people back off, saying “But I am not creative.” That is simply nonsense.

The human mind is creative. If you have a mind – and you have one – you are creative.

Author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ Elizabeth Gilbert, said pressuring someone to hold the power of genius and creativity on his or her own is “like asking somebody to swallow the sun.”  She suggests we think about creativity as something that comes to us and through us.

Saying you are not creative is nothing more than a cop out from the demand of using non-habitual thinking. It is about wanting to stay on autopilot.

As a toddler, you figured out how to climb up on a chair to reach something you wanted. That was an ingenuous act – it demanded that you turn your imagination into reality using creative thought.

Think back over your childhood and I am sure you will find many situations you were able to manipulate to your advantage – only possible by the application of creative thinking.   

Some people confuse the idea of being artistically talented and skilled with being creative. Whether you can draw, paint, sing, dance, or do any of the so-called “creative arts” is immaterial. You have genius within you.   

You figure out your own way in the world, your own way of being, that is unique and different from any one else. That is creative.

Every single day of our lives, we try out several ideas that don’t work before we find one that does. This is applied creativity. It is ingenuity.

Thomas Homer-Dixon coined the term ‘ingenuity gap’ to denote the space between a challenge and a solution. This is where you are called to show up daily.

Smooth routine is the enemy of ingenuity.  

I believe smooth routine is the space between existing and really living, because every time you use ingenuity you bring something new to the world. You contribute. You bring meaning; to the moment, to your life, and sometimes to the world – you live fully!

So, you have challenges; you want solutions? Tap into your ingenuity. How do you find that ingenuity?

  1. Re-frame the problem. Put new limits on it – perhaps time:Change the time frame and ask: “How would I do this if I had unlimited time?”
  2. Be random. Use an online random word generator or decide on a number and open a book and find the noun closest to that number, and write down at least 10 ways that word could help solve your challenge.
  3. Step back. Get some distance from the situation. Write down the specific result you are trying to achieve – and think of at least 10 different people you know and ask yourself how each of them would solve the problem.
  4. Project.In your mind, give the challenge to someone else for whom time, money and other resources are not a problem, and then solve it for them using compromises and options that would suit this person, not you.
  5. Challenge the status quo. You can achieve wonderful successes when you challenge assumptions or conventions. You cannot expect new and different to come from replication or repetition.
  6. Be willing to experiment. Life is a process of continual refinement. Much psychological harm comes from a tendency to black and white thinking. Being in a state of non-success is not equivalent to having failed. Don’t stop trying new things.
  7. Be unique and stand out or stand apart. Ingenuity with an attitude is audacity. Ideas are great, but unless you are willing to be the different one, to stand for something big and set yourself apart from everyone else, you are unlikely to find anything new.
  8. Be resourceful. Borrow what works in a different field because procedures or techniques that are tried and true in one arena can yield surprising results when translated and applied to a new environment.

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