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What is Your GenieInspiration comes in some surprising forms. I studiously avoided something for years, yet it turned out to hold a huge gift.

As a teenager, I shrugged off the subject of math and defiantly refused to take any math course. Despite spending the last several decades using statistics, I have so far managed to work around my lack of math skills.

One evening, some friends and I attended a presentation in the beautiful hills of Malibu. The guest speaker was a delightful, if eccentric, mathematician. He was so charmingly passionate about the numbers that I got excited about them. I started taking copious notes, eager to capture the magic of his special system of working the numbers one through nine.

On this evening, the speaker introduced me to the fascinating powers and personalities of numbers. He artfully demonstrated their unique operations and abilities and showed us that numbers each have their own personalities, and that they react differently to each other.

He made the numbers come alive, and did some wonderful mathematical origami with a special arrangement of the numbers. I was utterly captivated while, apart from their evident amusement at my rapture, my friends were squirming with boredom.

By the time the lecture was over, I had pages and pages of notes and my yawning girlfriends kindly indulged me as I sought out the speaker. I was sure there was something fantastic that his theory would reveal in astrology, and that it would be exciting.

It turned out he knew little about the subject and so I began to explore his special formula in the context of all I knew about astrology and human nature. Over the next few weeks, I poured over the information in over 300 books. I turned every fact or assumption on its head, and tested and twisted things every which way. Clearing all the extraneous information out of the way, I got down to the essential qualities of the planets.

When I grouped these essential qualities using the mathematician’s formula, something marvelous appeared – these essential qualities fall into three groups, each holding three qualities distinctly different in nature from the other two groups.

One group holds qualities of the Mind. Another holds qualities of the Heart, and the third holds qualities of the human Spirit. The more I twisted and tested the emerging theory, the more elegant the result.

The nine qualities turn out to be the nine methods, the nine ways, we humans get inspired and motivated. They ignite us to action. They are the ways we find meaning in life.

Engage any one of them and you become willing! What was burdensome becomes easy and natural. What was onerous becomes graceful.

It has been some time since then, and I have been able to demonstrate and validate the value of the nine qualities as tools to get you inspired and focused on what matters.

Like most people, you probably favor one of the qualities. It most easily arouses you to action. It becomes your Genie – the part of you that helps you attain success in many areas of your life. It is your axis of power.

Which is your Genie?

Go ahead – Find Your Genie HERE   (it won’t cost you anything).

Author: Sue Hines

  1. I, too, took the test. I will be interested in seeing the results

  2. Patricia WeberPatricia Weber06-19-2014

    I’m a sucker for a quiz and look forward to getting the results.

  3. William ButlerWilliam Butler06-18-2014

    Hi Sue,
    I love mathematics. I especially love cryptography, prime numbers, and number patterns. These are a deep source of fascination and inspiration. I have seen many numbers associated to personalities, to colors, etc. The value always lies in the meaning that people give them.

    Kind Regards,

  4. Laurie S HurleyLaurie S Hurley06-17-2014

    I am so not a math person and don’t think I ever will be. The speaker sounded interesting, but I think I would probably fall into the category of the yawning girlfriends! I took the Genie test, too. It was very telling. Glad you shared it here!

  5. Paul GrahamPaul Graham06-17-2014

    Im not very big on categorizing people but glad your latent interest in math was sparked. Sometimes it just takes the right context to bring a subject to life

  6. I just took the test. I look forward to the results. 🙂

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