Three Words That Matter

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Three little words can make all the difference to your value. They can change the entire trajectory of your life.

This is about you if you are feeling discontent in any shape or form. If there is something that is not quite right, not going your way, or simply not enough in your life – yes, even money – these three words can change everything for you.

  1. Meaningful. The dictionary definition is: full of meaning, significance, purpose, or value; purposeful; significant: a meaningful wink; a meaningful choice.meaningful

Put meaning in what do and say. Show your significance. Show your value. Take a stand.

If you are a business owner, make your brand stand for something. It is okay to lose those who don’t lean your way, or who are critical of you.

I’ll share a story to show what I mean. I had worked hard, pulled an all-nighter to get a big proposal for a large and prestigious client mailed out on time. I was in a new job and wanted to make a big impression by winning this significant proposal.

When the mail arrived a few days later, my heart jumped into my mouth and then sank. I felt sick.

In big red letters, the envelope said RETURN TO SENDER. Underneath was a note that read: “I can’t do business with someone who can’t spell my name correctly.” In the same red pen, the name “Schwarz” had been corrected to “SchwarTz.”

Feeling utterly despondent, I showed my boss the envelope.

“Nicely done!” He said: “We dodged a bullet there. If he behaved like that before he even hired us, he would have been a nightmare to work with.”

Brand owners: if they are not your people, let them go!

  1. Singular. The dictionary defines this as:singular
      – extraordinary; remarkable; exceptional
      – unusual or strange; odd; different
      – being the only one of its kind; distinctive; unique
      – separate; individual

If you are not singular, you are interchangeable with anyone else. Your deviations from the norm are what make you special. Some deviations may be prettier or more acceptable than others, but they are what make you YOU.

If you were like everyone else, you would be unnoticeable. Share your unique gifts or combination of talents and abilities, and your value shines through.

If your business does what every other business in the category does, why would anyone ever choose you? They would certainly have no reason to pay you more than they would pay anyone else. Brand your difference!

There was a recent radio article about why people buy the costly brand name drugs rather than the identical generic ones that doctors and nurses are more likely to buy for their own use.

The answer is in our minds! A recent study concluded that “advertising may enhance placebo-like effects and so make branded drugs more clinically effective.”

The more you tell people your brand is different, the more different it becomes in people’s eyes. That difference is valuable. It has worth that translates into real $. In the case of aspirin, that brand difference is worth three times more money!

  1. salientSalient. Now that is an interesting word. I always thought it meant something like relevant, but what it actually means is: prominent or conspicuous; projecting or pointing outward. If you blend into your surroundings, if you are not noticeable, you won’t be thought of as often.You don’t have to be loud, but you can be everywhere. I’m not advocating being obnoxious either. It is about being obvious, consistent, and notable. Even if you are the shy, reserved type, you can be known for being steadfast, ethical, honest, or in any number of other quiet ways.Who can forget Ghandi or Tianamen Square?Being salient is also about “being there” for someone. It is about showing up, and it is about being in relation to others.Viral videos and advertising campaigns that break through the clutter are examples of salience. Being salient increases demand and grows value.This is why picking a niche is so vital. Become the big fish in a small pond. Be prominent, be dominant.Decide what you want to be known for and go out of your way to be known for that. The people in your pond will want to be associated with you – and will usually pay extra for it.

– Meaningful – Singular – Salient –

Three words that increase your value.

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