The Gold In You

The Gold In YouThe Gold In You is now available HERE in paperback or Kindle Format.

Master Astrologers and co-hosts of CBS radio’s popular talk show, Bright Star CafĂ©, Maya White and Sue Hines are The Astro*Catalysts. They have united forces to bring you cutting edge insight on Sun Sign Astrology.

MILLIONS OF PEOPLE read their horoscopes regularly. The Gold In You: How to Activate Your Sun Sign Spirit So You SHINE, FLOW, FLY and BE reveals the nuggets of gold in the Sun Signs behind those horoscopes. It is a book for the smart, creative thinker interested in personal growth.

In this book you will discover the latent genius of your Sun Sign, and how to

  • Recognize your inner riches
  • Understand and enhance your relationships
  • Create abundance in your life
  • Achieve greater success
  • Release your own brilliance and






Author: Sue Hines


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