That “Something Special”

FSE009How many times do you do one thing, knowing you could or should be spending your time on something else, something more valuable? You struggle to find the words to explain why you do this and you wonder about the reasons you do this to yourself.

Something is missing and you are not sure what it is and you are plagued by a nagging sense of – what? guilt? shame? frustration? because you are not doing what you know you want or should do.

Motivation is the “missing ingredient” in many situations where you have both the know-how and desire, but no action.

When you find a way to hook into that “special something” which engages your motivation, things begin to move! When it clicks, you feel more aware, more alive and attentive, and your confidence  grows. Problems you face turn into challenges and you look forward to the outcome.

That “special something” is invariably tied to emotions or feelings and it is the source of willingness.

When you are motivated, actions flow with energy that is effortless or abundant. As a parent, you look for ways to get your kids motivated. As a boss, you try to do the same for your staff, and as a business owner, you are look to motivate others so your business grows.

Finding a point of connection that engages others’ sense of willingness is the cornerstone of successful communication. It is the crux of all our dealings with others – personally and in business.

To master the art of finding that connection then, it is logical that you need to be in touch with your own feelings and desires. When you know your emotions, what is important, active, and motivating within you, it is easy to recognize and and connect with the same in others.

I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to say that self examination is the foundation for success.  Perhaps that is what Hippocrates meant when he said that “the unexamined life is not worth living.”

For me, the idea that “things happen for a reason” is misnomer. My experience is more that you can purpose anything that happens. In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl encouraged us to ask what life is asking of us.

Finding meaningful answers to life’s questions is a huge source of motivation. Being able to regularly latch onto what that question is in the mind of another at a particular point is the key to real communication and the exchange of everything worthwhile.

•          Standing in the knowledge of your purpose is a sure way to engage your own motivation.

•          Connecting with someone else’s purpose is an act of honor.

The secret of a really great brand is that it does these two things brilliantly!

When a product or service does what it promises and does it with a little something extra that shows it understands you, the customer or client, you connect with it, desire it, and will seek it out when you have the need it serves.

The single greatest gift you can give your family, friends, customers and clients is to connect with what matters to them.

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