Tildet Varon Shoenbrot“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with you. Your guidance has empowered me with certainty and clarity, encouraging me to trust myself and the path I am on. The focus you have given me already made a difference to expand my business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!“ ~ Tildet von Schoenbrot

Mary Kearns“Thank you very much for your time and insights! I know it will make a big difference in how people respond to Herban Crafts.” ~Mary Kearns

Ari Popper“Strikingly insightful. Thanks for your guidance and wisdom – I am excited to see it unfold and appreciate your friendship and support.” ~Ari Popper

Mair Alight testimonial“I had a session today with Sue Hines who used my genie to support me with Fabulous Results! Before our session, I felt motivated, energized and committed to moving forward and yet it just was not happening way I wanted, or in timing I needed. I had taken the genie quiz and really had resistance to the results. Sue helped me see how my genie could help me, and now in one session I have an action plan, structure, all my projects “tamed”, and a clear way forward with timing I can work with. THANK YOU SUE HINES!” ~ Mair Alight

Keya Murthy Testimonial“I just want to let you know how grateful I am to have worked with you and making it all possible. I know I will recommend you to anyone who wonder how to market. I feel more people should know what you do. It is a great service you provide. I have been doing my current business for 8 years, and have been in business since 1996, and prior to that as a private tutor. But it has always been, whoever comes to me, I serve them – attitude. Now I know how to present myself as a Coach/Consultant, as a Professional. Your help on pricing strategies made me feel better about the value I provide.” ~Keya Murthy

Jennifer Shultz Testimonial“Sue has taught me so many things from business to life skills and to really be able to market myself as a business owner and who I want my company to be and how to attract the clients I need and want to work with. She has also helped with power point presentations and to again make MY BRAND what I want it to be. I would HIGHLY recommend Sue Hines as your Branding Coach. She will make a huge difference In your production of your business and truly get you the brand you are looking for.” ~ Jennifer Shultz

  • “Head and shoulders above any of the well known firms I have used…really trying to solve our business challenges” ~ Scott Galloway
  • “Your insights, engagement and passion on this strategic assignment is contagious. Your insights will help us move our business forward. This is the beginning of a long-term partnership” ~ Jairo Senise
  • “Provided us with strategic insights for the past 5 years that have fundamentally changed the way we do business” ~John Kelley

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