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If you can hook into your “motivation generator,” life becomes a whole lot simpler. It’s not willpower that makes for great success, but willingness.

Willpower might work for a limited time or some necessary concentrated effort, but relying on willpower is not a viable long term strategy. What works is engaging that part of you that “wants” to get something or get it done.

Fear, bruises, scrapes and humiliation did not prevent 99.9% of us from learning to ride a bicycle. Remember how great it felt to whizz down the driveway all by yourself? Whatever your motivation was – independence, the challenge of the task, the thrill of choosing your own speed – it got you over the challenges. Perhaps you were just one of those kids who figured that if everyone could, you could and you did; you never expected to fail or fall so you got it right first time.

That’s what I mean by engaging your “want to.”

All my life, I have been fascinated by the concept of success, and I remain convinced that abundance is a frame of mind. As a child, I loved to pour over the Time Life books and the Arizona Highways magazine. I always returned to the same photographs. Some of them haunted my thoughts for years – decades, in fact. There are 2 that stand out; their images are burned into my memory.

One was a black and white photograph in the Time Life book on The Balkans. It showed 3 members of a family pushing their home made wooden cart to market. The cart was piled high with rough bags containing their harvest. The family looked so shabby, yet so determined. The year’s work was about to pay off! It was magnificent and it was, to my materialistic Western world eyes, magnificently sad!

The second was a beautiful full color Arizona Highways photograph of a gnarled and stunted old tree, still bearing leaves, wedged in a crack between barren rocks under a brilliant blue sky and baking hot sun. This old tree had hung in there,year after year, defiantly surviving its challenging environment. Magnificent!

One human, one inanimate. Yet these two pictures hold something in common and they evoked a pressure, an urgency in me – and still do today. I understood what it was when I read Nietzsche’s comment, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

There are many possible ways to engage that “any how” passion and zeal. The triggers in human nature that turn them on are the 9 qualities:

  • Intuition, Consciousness and Courage are the qualities of the Mind
  • Honor, Endurance and Faith are the qualities of the Heart
  • Optimism, Enchantment and Ingenuity are the qualities of the Spirit

Which are the triggers of your Star Qualities?         

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