Stanlee Panelle – Bright Star Cafe June 14

Stanlee Panelle

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Join me, Sue Hines, and Stanlee Panelle on Bright Star Cafe.  Stanlee is a source of wisdom and support unlike any other.

A natural visionary and worldly Wise Woman, she has clarified her Life Purpose as Joy; her demonstration of that calls upon her “to be in this world but – not of it.”She is profoundly insightful, intuitively creative, vibrant, enthusiastic and earthy in her life and with her clients.

Stanlee earned a masters degree in Counseling Psychology in the second half of life, is licensed by the State of California as Psychotherapist and trained by the masters as a Personal Life Coach.  She is also a Certified Hypno-therapist and Ordained Minister with specialty training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Liberation Breath Process, Spiritual Counseling, Meditation and various Energy modalities. These specialties work harmoniously with traditional Cognitive Behavioral and Existential therapeutic techniques to serveas an understanding guide and trust worthy partner for your inward journey to your authentically congruent, truest self, for more Life, Love and Joy.

Clients say “She teaches you to THRIVE… not just survive! And be totally FREE to fully Love ME!”

Stanlee says: “If we were meant to be here doing it all alone … there wouldn’t be so many of us here! Call me I can help.” 

You can get to know Stanlee at or

you can call her at (323) 207-0151 or go to and join Women’s Coaching Group 4 Life Love Joy today and begin your journey to thriving instead of just surviving!



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