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Your life story contains important clues about the kind of legacy you are going to leave. If you study the signs by examining your life, you can shape that contribution.

In my program called Position Yourself for Success, my clients review specific periods in their lives, uncovering significant events and insights. They track the cycles that repeat and draw insights about how they shape and influence their lives.

The patterns we uncover core beliefs and how they evolve and impact choices made years later.

I would like to share some of the insights my clients have discovered as they reviewed the patterns in their lives. The patterns and cycles are often highly significant. They carry the underlying thread on which you weave the tapestry of your life.

If you are a business owner, they form the basis for the style of business you build, the brand you create.

Age 7: I was hit by a car while crossing the street. In hospital, I received praise and a stuffed animal from doctors and nurses for ”bravery”…felt brave and proud of myself because I was the kid in the neighborhood with the “biggest” injury.
~Adult occupation: Nurse

Age 12:  My innocence was devastated by mean girls. I realized was not in the Popular Group.  I wasn’t chosen for a leadership role and felt teacher was biased to the “perfect” girls. I felt like I was a loser and cried many days when I got home from school.
~Adult occupation: Middle school teacher

Age 7: My parents got divorced and I was alone a lot as my mother had to work. I felt lonely but stuffed my feelings way down.
~Adult occupation: Marriage and Family Therapist

Age 14: Started doing “projects” in science and technology. Won awards for Science Fair and other technical competitions. ~Adult occupation: Engineer

It is never really about the events or circumstances themselves. What shapes you is the insights you find through what happens. These moments of understanding are the seeds for the philosophies and principles you will carry with you your whole life.

When you tap into those, you find a deep sense of authenticity. You have a center, a guiding rod inside you and you know why you are doing what you do.

Look at some of the big names in business and you will find their reactions to their life experiences are what set them on their path with confidence and surety.

Tony Robbins‘ grew up with an abusive and alcoholic mother. He discovered that while we aren’t in control of many things, we do have influence.Using this influence, he changed his life and then helped millions of others change their lives with this insight too.

Richard Branson was struggling at school because he was dyslexic and left at the age of 15. He believes those struggles with anything complex taught him how to simplify things – and learn the art of delegation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to struggle to be good at something. A great and wonderful event or set of circumstances can have the same effect like a great teacher or winning at something. All it takes is for you to recognize that something is happening and recognize it as an opportunity.

Then, claim the insight!

Fold it into your life. Adopt it as a philosophy. Stand for something.

People recognize it almost instinctively. They know when you are “for real” and when you truly live your values.

Do the work. Find that special something inside you (read more here) – and build your brand around it (see What is Your Brand).

Don’t copy others. You have a perspective that is as unique and individual as your fingerprints.

Flaunt it.
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