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what if I do this?Do you want to even out the cash flow and find a way to get get stuff done?

What is stopping you?

Overwhelm and the stress of the roller-coaster ride is all too familiar to most of us. I have an idea about how you can move yourself forward or grow your business.

4 Questions can take you from the point of stress to the edge of your seat. The only requirement is that you take the time to answer them honestly and fully.

Before we get to the questions, I want to tell you where they come from. back in 1989, I came across a wonderful little book by a contemporary mystery writer of Agatha Christie’s, Dorothy L. Sayers.

Dorothy was also a theologian and acquaintance of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, and it was her book “The Mind of the Maker” that captivated my interest and has had a profound effect on my thinking.

With the clear thinking of a detective storyteller, Dorothy’s “The Mind of The Maker” is an exploration and explanation of human creativity – of the components of creative thinking. Riding on the power of this clarity, I created a system for resolving problems.

I have refined and re-worked it over the years, and have found these 4 questions to be a powerful means of gaining a sense of surety and understanding.

In answering of these 4 simple questions we encounter all 6 of the human needs Tony Robbins says explain why we do what we do:

  • Certainty
  • Uncertainty
  • Significance
  • Connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution

That means that in answering the questions, you are sure to encounter, and perhaps face off with, your underlying motivation for doing something. In so doing, you will find your “WHY.”

When you are face to face with your “WHY,”  it is really hard not to act on it.

Ready for the questions? 

Think of one thing you are having trouble with. Write it down if possible.

It can be something you are procrastinating over or something you started and are now stuck or losing interest. Now ask yourself:

What IF I do […thing you are having trouble with]?

Phrase it with emphasis on the “if” – like you have a choice. Whether you do actually have a choice or not, see what comes up for you when you treat it like an option.

What if I do […thing you are having trouble with]?

It is the same question, but this time phrase it with the emphasis on “I” – thinking about if you, rather than anyone else does it. See what comes up for you if you are the person who accomplishes, succeeds, of completes this.

What if I do […thing you are having trouble with]?

Ask yourself this same question, but with emphasis on your actually “doing” whatever it is, focusing on it actually being completed or done and what that would mean for you and others.

Pay attention to what it means to you that you didn’t just think of, start, or make an effort, but that you finished or completed it.

What if I do […thing you are having trouble with]?

This time phrase the question with emphasis on the task, mission, or objective. Put all your attention on the thing that you are needing to get done.

Focus on why that is important and not something else, and think about all that is involved in that thing or task and what it is all about or represents.

That is the exercise. How did it change your perspective on things?

Using these questions moves you forward and helps you get the life you’ve always wanted. Being aware of who you are and what motivates or drives you is what gives you the capacity to choose.

I hope you choose growth!

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