Seduction, Uproar & Secrets

seduction uproar and secretsThe Antidote to Inaction

Our dueling needs for Certainty and Uncertainty can drive us nuts!  You like where you are, but you want excitement. You don’t like where you are, but you fear change. In the end – cautious steps forward.

Is caution simply a cop-out?  After all, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

The alternative? Seduction, Uproar and Secrets! These are the things that make us lean forward and get us excited. They stir and arouse us to action. They are what move the world forward!

The proof is in the list of the 3 top selling fiction books of all time which, according to “How Stuff Works,” are:

  • Don Quixote – A book about Seduction
  • A Tale of 2 Cities – One about Uproar
  • The Lord of the Rings – Which is filled with Secrets

The spectacular success of these books is due to their thrilling appeal to the core qualities that ignite and motivate us – the stuff of Spirit, the hook of the Heart and the magic of the Mind.

Forget caution if you want to be recession-proof, like these perpetual bestsellers. Go bold instead, and the most compelling ways to dependably capture attention are through:

1. Seduction – appealing to the emotions to activate desirability or excitement

This is the art of attracting and winning over the feelings with the promise of something of such enticing value that its gain makes easy the surrender of something else of value.

It’s what you use when you bribe your teen and what works to get customers to open their wallets for a “special.”

It is a highly motivating force that breaks through resistance by directly drawing on feelings and evoking a visceral response that moves someone toward the benefits and outcomes.

2. Uproar – attitudinal upheaval inflaming to incite and prompt a response

Power figures in popular culture know only too well how the sensational invokes intense interest. Bob Dylan broke boundaries; so did Madonna and Lady Gaga.

More recently, we have seen Miley using this tactic to change perceptions. Focusing on the controversial attracts opinion and judgement – internal manifestations of underlying beliefs and convictions. Once in the open, they can be changed.

Education and exposure to new ideas make this possible in the presence of trust and confidence.

3. Secrets – call of the unknown, forbidden and hidden, awakening the thirst for knowing

The promise of revealing secrets and exposing what is concealed or lost calls to our desire for knowledge.

The potency of revealing what is private or normally out of reach of the ordinary person stems from our desire to belong, to “be on the inside” and thus “special” or “privileged” in some way.

Information is the first step to knowledge; and that is of great worth to people. Knowing provides insight into the past and affords you the capacity for informed decision-making and reliable defense. It is, therefore, a golden key to predicting the future.

Use these qualities liberally. Let go and watch them unleash huge responses.

Employ them personally to overcome your own resistance. Watch procrastination and reticence melt in their presence. Let them become part of you and propel you forward.

Use them with your friends and family and with your clients. Most of all, if you have something very special from which people can benefit, let Seduction, Uproar or Secrets be the invitation.

Don’t let uncertainty slow you down. Don’t let change happen to you.

Be the Change!

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