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The virtue of all achievement is victory over oneself. Those who know this victory can never know defeat.” ~A. J. Cronin

Like so many, I have started out with something in mind. Buoyed by excitement and novelty, I have dived in and begun working with enthusiasm and filled with hope. That feeling of being possessed by a sense of purpose and being on a mission fueling me until, inevitably, somewhere along the way, difficulties set in.

This is a crucial moment. The moment of we confront difficulty is always a decisive one – an axis on which our whole life can turn.

Through my astrological practice, I have discovered 3 things about these pivotal moments:

  1. They demand excruciating intellectual integrity.
  2. Overcoming them demands heart.
  3. Beating them builds spirit.

Today I am going to focus only on the first, Excruciating Intellectual Integrity.

When you are struggling, feeling hopelessly lost or tangled in something bigger than you, feelings of inadequacy quickly overwhelm you. You lose confidence and you are ready to give up. The questions you ask yourself will determine what you do next.

While, in one sense, brutal honesty in dealing what you are thinking and experiencing takes courage, ignoring the need for it is foolhardy. These are the lessons offered by the Moon, Mercury and Mars.

It is easy to stay stuck in the middle of your muddle if you do not give yourself crystal clarity. You need a system to work through the questions and answers or it is really easy to go off track.

Whether your issues are personal or business, astrology can help walk you through questions like these that help cut through the clutter:

  • Are you really that ill-equipped to handle what is in front of you?
  • Are you just disappointed that it wasn’t as easy as you had imagined or hoped? (In other words, were you kidding yourself then or are you kidding yourself now?)
  • Is this just a matter of trial and error – and your ego is getting in the way when the error part happens?
  • Are you wasting time doing it – or wasting time panicking about doing it?
  • When you are ready to surrender and give up, ask yourself what it will be like without that shining vision to work for?
  • Is the self-doubt your traitor or liberator?

Because the phrasing of the questions you ask yourself can determine the answers, it is important to be truly honest about how you ask and answer them.

The right assessment comes when you remember:

–          Humility is more powerful than arrogance

–          Judge the task and what you are aiming to achieve, not yourself

–          Check the standards you are using to judge it – make sure they are right, fair, and just

–          Check your assumptions – about what you are trying to do, about the task

–          Check everything that is going right – until you find a long, long list

–          Finally, hook into how you will feel when you get it done, when you achieve what you intended.

A last little thought on the subject of hitting the wall… standing still is not a valid response.

If you are ready to do more than stand still…   Call me!

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