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Johanna LymanThis week I invited my newsletter readers to join me on Facebook and let me know what quotes keep them motivated and on track and why.

Johanna Lyman’s winning quote that keeps her motivated and non track is:

“I’ve been absolutely terrified every day of my life, but I’ve never let it stop me from doing a single thing.”  ~Georgia O’Keefe

 About it, Johanna said: It was a revelation to me that there’s not some magical place that when you “arrive” you’ll stop being afraid. Understanding that the fear will always be present helps me move forward despite the fear. And all the juicy stuff happens when you face your fears!

It is entirely appropriate and I can see how Johanna lives by it. I met her in San Francisco last year, I remember her as beautifully vibrant and bravely vulnerable. She challenged herself in very public settings – and came out bubbling over with joy and relief.

Johanna’s passion is in unraveling the stories we have that make us believe we are not worthy. She has created and developed 3 step process that helps people get to the core pieces that keep them stuck. Using this 3 step process, she addresses insecurities about parenting, being successful in business, managing body weight… all types of stories that hold us all back!

Why does her process work? Johanna comes alive when she answers that question. It works because it allows me to get to the truth of what is real for you,” she says,  “I see the truth in you. I see who you really are. I know what you can bring to the world and that the world needs you!”

When she has the chance to deliver her message from the stage, Johanna is in her joy! We’re not just talking about public speaking, though she loves that too. It is in performance that Johanna really loves to make her mark.

At the end of May, she  will be delivering her gift of recovering your sense of worth through performance in “Opening Pandora’s Box: Stories of Truth and Hope,” a project she and her “co-conspirators” are preparing for right now.

Johanna lives motivated, authentic, and generously sharing a joyful sense of fun that enhances her wise and caring spirit.  Johanna’s website is  Do pay her a visit.

She’s someone who embodies my philosophy: Find what you love – Do what you love.

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