Outsmarting Your Slightly Evil Twin

your slightly evil twinI know your slightly evil twin – because I have one exactly like it. In fact, I am sure my twin knows your twin and I’m convinced they swap notes – I’m sure of it because mine can’t be that tricky all on its own!

Let’s see if any of this is familiar. If it is, you’ll likely believe that our (slightly evil) twins have been teaching each other stuff!

Imagine a scenario in which you have put a lot of time and effort into something. It’s something that really matters to you. It has been a long, hard road. You’re tired and your progress is painfully slow.

You remind yourself that the definition of insanity is keeping on doing the same thing and expecting different results. Your (slightly evil) twin, however, keeps telling you that there is no gain without pain.

So, how do you know when enough is enough?

Here’s another one:

Imagine you weigh yourself for the first time a few days after starting a new diet, and find you’ve lost 5 pounds. Then your friend arrives with strawberries and cream and champagne to celebrate a new baby in the family. Temptation!

You know something always comes up to test you and you are determined to not give into temptation and stick to your diet and . Your (slightly evil) twin, however, tells you the true test is being able to limit yourself to just one strawberry.

Is abstaining a better test of your resolve than disciplining yourself to a single strawberry?

Here’s the final one:

Imagine the only way you got through math in high school was with the help of your friend Sam, who loved math with an infectious passion. Many years later, you were able to give Sam’s daughter a job when she needed one.

As you are thinking about how things that go around, come around; that life is a circle and you are glad you were able to do something for Sam, your (slightly evil) twin whispers in your ear that things happen for a reason.

Are you simply part of a grand plan or design the world has or do you have the ability to direct and manage your experience of life?

Procrastination, motivation, commitment, and change – why does your (slightly evil) twin get so loud when these things come up?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I do think they are always worth thinking about – and debating with the (slightly evil) twin that lies within each of us.

If I sparked a few internal questions for you, my job is done!







Author: Sue Hines

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  1. Eve KoivulaEve Koivula02-10-2015

    Ah, my favorite mistruth “no pain no gain” <3.
    I could just prove it wrong so very many ways.

    I however do believe that things happen for a reason, and that reason is always something positive. 🙂
    Eve Koivula recently posted…What Every Business Needs To Know About Social MediaMy Profile

    • Sue HinesSue Hines02-10-2015

      I love people who are decisive! Good for you, Eve

  2. Jacqueline GumJacqueline Gum02-04-2015

    Hell, I thought I might be the only one with an evil twin…I never admit her existence to anyone:) Yep, riding on my shoulder telling me the easiest solution rather than the best solution. Sigh…it’s a struggle but I find many days now that I can ignore her:)
    Jacqueline Gum recently posted…Ma’am… Where’s The Justice?My Profile

    • Sue HinesSue Hines02-05-2015

      Great acknowledgement, Jacqueline. We are often ashamed about it – so we let that Twin haunt us instead of freely recognizing it is part of our humanity. The “struggle” you mention is interesting. Have you tried watching and listening to the Twin – recognizing the “tricky” nature and get your sense of humor going to dissipate it, rather than stuffing it down?

  3. Sue — I love the idea of the “evil twin.” It does seem that when I commit to something (like losing weight or getting to bed earlier), my evil twin is at my ear tempting me to not follow through.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Is Microsoft Starting a Trend in Customer Service?My Profile

    • Sue HinesSue Hines02-04-2015

      Hope that recognizing she’s there helps you to keep her in check!

  4. ikechiikechi02-03-2015

    Hi Sue

    I can relate to that evil twin. Yeah always trying to soothe you with its twisted advice. Saying to you “it is ok. It won’t hurt. Just try it once don’t come back to it again”

    This post is a reminder that one needs to be disciplined. For beware lest you be tempted by your twin. Thanks for sharing.
    ikechi recently posted…19 Small But Powerful Pieces Of Lies That Will Make Your Dream A JokeMy Profile

    • Sue HinesSue Hines02-03-2015

      Great comment, Ikechi. Love the image of “twisted advice”

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