Nine Ways to Stall with Purpose

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Because I believe that what I have in here is truly valuable, I am unashamedly recycling this article with some tweaks. It is about:

Soul-fulfilling Procrastination

Procrastinating is irrationally delaying something we ought or think we want to do, but I’ve coined the word “usurponating” for everything we actually do while procrastinating.

Seeing as I made up the word, I can define what it covers.

Usurponating” –

The activity or activities you do while you are procrastinating.

It’s what you do instead of what you ought or want to be doing.

There are 3 basic ways to usurponate:

  • Do something useful instead of doing whatever it is on is procrastinating over.
  • Self-sabotage with self-criticism and negative self-talk, over-eat or drink, or simply waste the little time one has on this earth.
  • Undermine or interfere with others as a way of rebelling or of deflecting responsibility.

Only the first is intrinsically helpful.  

Given that procrastinating is already self-defeating, there’s no need to double-down on it. I want you to get some real value out of your procrastination, so let’s look at how one might cultivate useful usurponation (and yet still get to procrastinate!)

If you’re stalling until the last minute to do something, you may as well not pretend to be doing it. Distract yourself completely and with purpose!

Here are some ideas for some productive or meaningful usurponation that won’t interfere with your procrastination. There’s something magical in the number 9, so let’s call it the 9-fold path to satisfying procrastination – to stalling with purpose:

1. Daydream:

Spend time creating a wonderful and different reality that suits you better than this one. You can even go all out and build a vision-board. For this to be good usurponation, make sure it is a positive vision – something that makes you smile, lifts your heart, or gets you excited about who you are and what life is all about.

This is invoking the quality of Intuition and serves to reaffirm your individuality, the work of your Reflector Genie.

2. Do Important Stuff:

Fill your day with as many productive activities as you can – anything and everything that is “necessary” or significant. As long as what you are doing makes you feel valuable or produces some worthy results, your usurponation is commendable.

This invokes the quality of Faith – faith in your value to the world. This is the specialty of the Executor Genie.

3. Organize Other Things:

When you sort out drawers, fold laundry, clean out your inbox, or shuffle papers on your desk, you are creating a better environment for yourself or those around you. This kind of usurponation has merit. It is justified because it’s probably only during procrastination times that some of these things get done.

Here you are invoking the essence of your Producer Genie, which is the quality of Endurance – dutiful and disciplined.

4. Take Care of You

Do something good for you – go for a walk, ride your bike, make a home cooked meal, have a massage, listen to good music that fills your soul and lightens your mood. As long as it is healthy and/or beneficial, you are able to award yourself positive usurponation points.

Being good to yourself invokes the quality of Honor – love yourself and you are free to give love. This is the main work of your Relater Genie.  

5. Re-Invent

Use your procrastination time to take a step (or leap forward) toward anything that you want. Create something new. Transform what is and make it better. Paint the front door a color you like, Feng Shui your home or office, plan a surprise for someone, make or create something. To count as “good” usurponation, it must be something you do yourself.

Invoking your Ingenuity affirms your self-reliance and is the job of your Inventor Genie.

6. Walk Away

Remove yourself from or change something you don’t like. In contrast to stepping up, this form of usurponation must involve action you take to eliminate or avoid something you dislike or that is negative or harmful in some way. Throw out the clothes you like but don’t wear, unsubscribe from the emails that clutter your inbox, get rid of the topless and bottomless Tupperware.

Take a stand on behalf of yourself or others and you invoke the quality of Courage.

7. Feed Your Mind   

Watch a thought-provoking movie, read a bunch of interesting articles, take an online quiz about something you are interested in. You might even write a “How To” article. To count as worthy usurponation, the activity needs to really engage you, bring or share valuable knowledge or be of real interest to you.

Invoking Consciousness and growing your understanding of the world makes you more competent.  

8. Meditate

Genuine meditation or nature contemplation count as valuable usurponation if they truly quiet your mind. The characteristic that makes this usurpation good is that it leaves your spirit light. This is not the same as “veging out” or wallowing in denial, which usually leaves one feeling heavy and lethargic.

This invokes the quality of Enchantment, calming you and bringing harmony. Your Genie, the Sage knows this well.

9. Step Up

Explore something new. Give yourself permission to not succeed and try it anyway. Take a bold step toward fulfilling a desire or dream. Get out of your comfort zone and do something expansive, out of character or just plain exciting! Call a guru up, commit to a half-marathon, find a piano teacher and book a series of lessons. This kind of usurponation is powerful if it gives you a sense of busting out of where you’re at.

Stepping up invokes the quality of Optimism, a can do attitude that includes no judgment. It appeals to the Trendsetter Genie.   

To find out more about the Qualities
and how they serve all areas of your life,
check out how to master your genie HERE.

Let the procrastinator in you celebrate this newfound soul food. Turn your procrastination into something wonderfully productive and meaningful!






Author: Sue Hines


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