My Epiphany Yesterday

letterYou may have noticed, I changed the “from” for my newsletter from my company name to my own. It felt better the moment I did it. It is easier to write in my own voice and connect with you personally.

My newsletters and blog posts have touched on the co-mingling of business owners, their brands, and their lives in general. While at a seminar last night, I realized that one of the main functions of a newsletter is so you can get to know what’s behind the brand.

As a small business owner, that means me. I am responsible for what people think of my brand, for the impression it creates, and for all the subliminal brand reactions that my actions evoke.

If you have been to one of my Brand Clinics, you may remember I talked about ensuring your brand message comes across at every single point of contact with your people, that the message is consistent and appropriate for the medium.

As yesterday’s speaker talked about the use of emails, I realized a few things about how I feel about other people’s emails and newsletters and how I want them to feel about mine. This is the insight I walked away with:

  1. I do have a very real sense of appreciation when you take the time to read my email.
  2. I think of it as a letter. It may not be on hand-crafted paper, but it came through my hands and I took care in writing it for you.
  3. Its “envelope” is the subject line.
  4. It is part of our relationship and every email I write is a way for you to get to know me better.
  5. While it is from me, the context is my brand – so I share things I value and that I hope will be of value to you in your business or for your brand.

I learned so much from thinking about you! You are exposed to somewhere in the 14,000 or 15,000 ads – and that’s before Facebook, Twitter, email and all the other social media. Thank you for reading this far. I wanted you to have the gift of this brand insight!

Your brand matters. It is why people choose to do business with you. Do you have questions about your brand? The person behind your brand? Let’s talk. Call me on 805-910-8754 for a free discovery session.

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