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MP Grace, Author of The Magic Carriage

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M.P. Grace has just published The Magic Carriage, a playful book about history. In it, she has combined historic facts and perspectives with fiction, introducing history in an exciting and adventurous way.

It’s important  to think and dream beyond bubble of our daily lives.  A great way of inspiring kids to think about their own world and behavior is to tell stories about far off places and times and how we are linked to those histories – and there’s a kid in each of us!

The book is about a new carriage for the Queen. The inside of the coach is lined with inlaid woodwork squares, like a monopoly board, where each piece of timber is lovingly cut and polished by the coachmaker. Set into some of the panels are a myriad of relics and fragments of the past.

It is a most beautiful vehicle of state, covered in gold and set with diamonds and made as gift for the Queen.  But it goes  missing!

Through serendipitous happenings, some little penguins get themselves trapped inside it. Wild weather and weird science combine to whisk the coach to other realms and times and places. The little penguins and some other unlikely travelling companions learn to work together and protect each other in the face of hardships and perils.

The adventures give kids a sense of wonder and curiosity about their worlds, both inner and outer.  M.P. Grace wrote it to inspire their own adventures and discoveries about different places, people and ways of life and to help lay some creative foundations for a rich inner life and an ever curios and respectful wonderment about the world and others.

The author, M.P. Grace was raised without television, in a place and time where children made their own entertainment.  Her love of books, especially reading with a torch after lights out, and listening to radio plays late at night, fed her imagination.

As a child, many poems and plays were written, pen pals received long letters, palaces were drawn in chalk on the drive way, and friends were dressed up to take roles in the plays.  Cubby houses, dolls houses and puppet theatres were built and decorated with recycled bits and pieces.

M.P. Grace lives in Sydney, Australia, has two adult children, and is engaged to be married for the second time.  She spends her time writing, designing, travelling and caring for the aged.

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