Massive Hidden Cost in Procrastination

cost of procrastinationAre you counting the cost of those tiny moments you choose to procrastinate, to not to do something? In my studies of how we get ourselves into action or not, I’ve found there is a huge value drain in the things we dismiss. Getting motivated is cheaper!

I met someone on the weekend who offered me an intriguing opportunity. I felt that little flutter of excitement, the thrill of possibility, and resolved to take her up on it.

Later that evening, I thought of many different reasons not to do it. I was still excited by it and that little surge of energy was still flowing through me, but I felt simultaneous pangs of disappointment because of all the good solid reasons I came up with to let the opportunity go.

Awareness of the contrasting feelings made me stop and think. What was going on? Why was I sabotaging myself? The real question though, was:

Am I sabotaging myself by not pushing forward with an “unrealistic” idea


am I sabotaging myself by thwarting it with challenges turned into insurmountable problems?

Sometimes just asking yourself a question like that is enough. Sometimes the answer is so convoluted and foggy that a rigorous and exhausting self-assessment is needed. Either way, the payoff is undeniable: you get to your truth on the matter.

And that means: You do more of what you really want to do, and in the process, give more of yourself, do it better, have more fun, feel better about yourself and ultimately, do a better job.

The cost, then, of not getting clear about things is enormous!

If you find you are stopping yourself like I was, with all kinds of reasons, ask yourself and get clear, authentic answers to these 4 key questions:

  1. Do I know what to do to move forward with this?
  2. Do I know (or someone who knows) how to do it ?
  3. Do I have (access to) the skills and abilities required?
  4. Do I have (access to) the resources needed to do it?

I find writing down the questions and the answers I come up with helps clear out the nonsense and shut down the little voice that nags. The clue is invariably in the answers.

Of course, getting past the little voice is not always that easy.

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Author: Sue Hines


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