The Magical Ingredient for Growth

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Courage means creating a different future. If you are doing anything worthwhile, you will need courage.

Whenever you take on an important or valuable task or mission, there is risk. This holds true if you are following your heart and aiming for something in life or trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

To be successful you will inevitably have to face fear and anxiety. When fear holds you back, doubt and anxiety take control and growth stops.

You do not need to be fearless. You just need to face fear, overcome it, or move past it just enough to take action in spite of it.

Cowards die many times before their deaths
The valiant never taste of death but once.
~ William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Courage comes in many forms. You need it when doing something in the face of potential bodily threat or even mortal danger, but courage is often quiet and goes unnoticed.

More than the willingness to act, courage is actually taking action. It is choosing and doing in spite of obstacles or danger.

You do not have to be a soldier on a battlefield or have some terrifying phobia to need courage.

  • Sometimes simply making a decision is an act of courage.
  • Opening yourself up to love and be loved takes courage, and sometimes letting go does too.
  • There is injustice all around us. Taking a stand for fairness often demands courage.
  • Sticking to your principles when offered an easier, less ethical option takes courage.
  • Staying the course on something to which you are committed, but which hits obstacles, can draw heavily on your courage.
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something you have never done can take guts.
  • It can mean plucking up the nerve to throw off inhibition and experiment or just to have fun.

Finding real courage

There is no courage without something to fear. 

Everyone who has ever accomplished something meaningful has done so in the face of fear. Evaluate the risks, ensure the odds are in your favor, and take action.

Without doubt, at some point in your life, you will find yourself in a situation where the objective is clear: To do the thing you fear. This means marshaling up courage.

To stand out as a business owner, to build a brand that stands for something, takes courage. To be in business calls for skills. To have a brand calls for something unique and different – and that draws on something far more fundamental inside you.

The rules of courage are pretty simple (conceptually, anyway):

  1. Move forward in spite of your fears. It is normal and right to have fear. Courage is doing it anyway, moving forward even though you still have the fear. The fear does not stop you. This is mastering your fear.
  2. Face challenges head on. Pursue your goal even if your fears become reality. Deciding to do something potentially dangerous and backing down at the first sign of real danger is not courage.
  3. Be ready and prepared to respond to obstacles. There is a difference between having courage and being foolhardy. Be prepared.
  4. Change when you need to. Having courage does not mean suffering needlessly. Change tactics if the plan you have put in place does not work or your defenses fail.
  5. Be resolute. Make your goal big and meaningful enough that you find a way if the one you prepared does not work out.
  6. Take initiative. Practice courage. Stretch yourself. Aim further than is comfortable and commit to doing it. It takes mental and emotional practice to step over your normal boundaries.

Courage feeds your drive and fuels enthusiasm.

Courage takes practice. It takes mental and emotional practice to step over your normal boundaries, but that is the only way that growth is possible.

In order to grow, we have to seek opportunities to make stretch goals for which we are accountable to ourselves and to others. To make a remarkable difference, personally or through our brands, we need that stretch.

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