Love and Business

Love is one of the graces of Venus, that keeps you connected to others.kiss

Newborn babies deprived of genuine loving affection very often fail to thrive.

The medical profession is virtually unanimous in the assertion that love is a human biological and psychological necessity. Science is showing that love builds your immune system, helping you fight disease.

It lowers your stress levels, works to keep your blood pressure down, and generally makes you feel better. When you feel better, you are able to do more and your overall performance improves.

Love also feeds the spirit. Loving and being loved make you more resilient to life’s troubles.

Loving someone or being loved by someone can provide you motivation for both small and monumental tasks. A loved one can be your “big why” or the motive power that keeps you on task and moving forward. 

Loving someone brings out their best qualities – allow them to do the same for you.

Love brings us to the concept of vulnerability, and a loving relationship gives us the space to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable often means honoring personal limitations and shortcomings. 

Being in the presence of someone who accepts us fully and completely in spite of our limitations and shortcomings helps you fully embrace your own nature. It encourages you to be honest with yourself, accept what cannot be changed about you, recognize what you can change, and have the courage to step up to do so.

In a loving environment, it is much easier to say, own, and address “I am wrong,” “I don’t know,” and “I am sorry.” It gives you space to say a heartfelt “Thank you” and to stretch beyond you and let the world in with “I love.” Love melts fear.

Being able to love yourself is a prerequisite to a meaningful relationship. I do think, though, that through being loved and seeing yourself through the eyes of another person, you learn to love yourself just a little more.

Love cannot rescue you from yourself, however, and it is when you love yourself and feel worthy to receive the love of another, that you experience true freedom in being loved.

This is just as true in business and client relationships as it is in personal ones. When you open your heart and genuinely want the best for your colleagues and clients, they feel it. Love the hand that feeds you and show it.

Cherish, appreciate and validate your clients. Listen to them, and in keeping with what we said about vulnerability earlier, do not be afraid to be honest with them.

Take the time to understand what dreams they have, their motivations. When you get inside their heads and hearts and care about them, as with any relationship, they get that these things matter to you and they love you back. 

When you really “get” them, not just what they need, but why they need it, your heart kicks into automatic and service demands far less effort. You serve them with your whole heart, and you will get whole-hearted service in return. 

It is about being in service, not sales or employment.

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