9 out of 10 People Do Not Live their Dreams

Live your dreamsIt is hard to imagine that 9 out of 10 people never live their dreams, but the truth is that almost as many get so caught up in everyday life, they never even remember what their dreams were.

Why not live it!
Don’t let that vision die.

Do people abandon their dreams because of what Steven Pressfield termed “Resistance”?

“The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution,
the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.”  

It might be, but people give it different names. The number 1 reason people give for not following through on something is: “I don’t have the willpower.”

But this is followed by a bunch of other reasons [excuses]:

  • I don’t know how
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t want to fail/be rejected

… and when it comes to why they failed to start or make a real go of a business:

  • I don’t want to be in sales or marketing

The problem with Motivation is that it is not constant. It comes and goes. Staying committed to something when that motivation flags can be truly difficult. For a business owner, it can mean losing it all!

When your Motivation starts to wane, you lose focus. You lose momentum. You waste time or feel you have wasted time.

The loss of Motivation in one area of your life starts a chain of self-doubt and questioning that soon infects other aspects of your life.

  • Your performance slips
  • You keep telling yourself you want to act on a goal – you may even get started, but soon lose steam
  • You spend time on inane things trying not to figure out what you really want
  • You turn to every self help book you can find and soon have a collection of shelf-help
  • You lose the jazz for your regular interests and hobbies
  • You eat too much
  • You exercise too little
  • You find a dozen other self-sabotaging activities

You know there is more – but you are suspended. 

There is a heaviness that tugs at you, and you ask “Is this all there is?”

You feel the urgency of a need to do something… you just don’t know what.

These, my friend, are the echoes of THE CALL.This is where I think Mr Pressfield is right!  The bigger  and more important the “thing” is that you want to do, the harder it is to get going.

Because you know it is meaningful and valuable and you have worn yourself down with broken promises to yourself. You no longer trust yourself with this important task.

What’s the answer? How do you get motivated?  

There is no single answer, no single way to get motivated. It all depends:

  • Are you moving toward or away from something, are you looking to grow or to put in some limits?
    The strategies that work when you are going toward, building, growing, expanding (think getting a bikini body) do not work and, in fact, have the opposite effect if you are moving away from, restricting or limiting (have to cut sugar from my diet).
  • The strategy you use to motivate yourself if you are wanting to outperform others will actually hurt you if your real objective is not to be out-performed by others.
  • Oh nonsense! Some say, it’s just a matter of self-control. Well, many scientific experiments have concluded that self-control is a limited resource… and it damn hard work!If you are looking to achieve excellence or or you are wanting it to be fun – the strategies to motivate are VERY different.
  • The attitude of The Little Engine – “I think I can. I know I can”…. works in some situations but in many we should be using “Bob the Builder’s question:  “Can I fix it?”
    “Will I?” works better than “I Will!”
  • Incentives work. They get people to START. But that same incentive turns into a perceived opportunity to lose DURING the activity and causes stress which de-motivates.Rewards work. They when someone is ANGRY but not when they are FEARFUL.

The bottom line is that there are strategies that work! 

Which one works depends on your objective and, more importantly, on your Motivation Style. I call it your Genie, because when you tap into it, it makes your dreams come true.

The real value lies in more than KNOWING your Motivation Style – it lies in USING your core or essential Motivation, your very own Genie, to build the life you want… to live your dreams!

The roots of your Motivation Style are similar to those from which the Myers Briggs, DiSC, Colors, and most other “personality type” measurements were derived.

Your personality type actually is a reflection of your Motivation Style.  You think and behave in certain ways depending on your innate Motivation.

Tame Your Motivation

You could struggle along trying different things each time you hit a motivation slump, getting success SOMETIMES.

Or you could find your triggers, learn your motivation style and what works for you and have tools to call on whenever you need them.

Imagine you are in tune with what motivates you.

  • You build it into your daily life.
  • You attract the business you want.
  • You build the life you once dreamed of. 

Take the Genie Survey here NOW. 

Remember: “The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.”   Steven Pressfield

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