Life’s Instruction Manual?

Live's instruction manualDirections for creative construction

GETTING STARTED: What you were born with has already been modified. Optimal functioning will require some adaptation.

WARNING:  Read all instructions carefully before use.

INSTALLATION: Your kit includes several tools. These are designed to enable you to operate efficiently and effectively without the use of willpower.

It is important to identify and locate them within you. They are all necessary for you to achieve optimal success.





whose messages from spirit nourish your subconscious


keeps you connected to others


expands your horizons and fulfills your dreams


stimulates your mind and intellect and feeds communication


where you meet your challenges and limitations


heals and fills you with the universal lightness of being


which fuels your drive and enthusiasm


changes your destiny, again and again


whose insight spawns your originality and resourcefulness

OPERATION: Figure out your main driving mode, Mind, Heart, or Spirit. This serves as your de facto operating program. It will serve you well, but can also get you into trouble when you rely on it too much.

You will find your natural rhythm includes elements of all three, but one will be more common or more comfortable for you to work with.

Spend time each week practicing the modes that are not your dominant one, so you can call on them when the usual way you do things is not producing the desired results.

You can find out more about using them HERE.

MAINTENANCE:  Test each tool frequently to ensure optimal functioning. They do need regular use in order for them to be readily accessible to you when you need them.

While the system you came with is self-guiding, the self needs to be engaged to provide the right guidance. Regular maintenance and tuneups are recommended as life has a tendency to knock us off-track (like the wheel alignment on your car).

ADDITIONAL USES: These tools are available to every human being. When you have full command of them, you will be able to employ them to motivate others too (in business or in your personal life). Teenagers are not immune to their influence.

WARRANTY: These tools were supplied at birth. They can be enhanced and strengthened with relative ease. Full utilization of the tools will bring greater meaning and fulfillment to your life.

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