Life is Attitude

Your superheroDo we ever loose that childhood image of a “superhero” or “fairy godmother” who can change the world in the blink of an eye? There is a reason we hang onto it, however tenuously.

As a child, I was fascinated with magic. One of the few memories I have of my grandmother, was that she indulged that interest of mine and sent me a magic set for my birthday.

I remember diving into that and rapidly mastering several tricks. For a few weeks, friends and family were subjected to my card and concealed coin tricks. I wasn’t hooked for long. This was not “real magic.”

It was exactly what the box said: Magic Tricks. While it was quite fun to hold “the secret” to how the tricks were done, everyone knew they were tricks. I didn’t feel right about tricking people.

As I think about it now, I realize that life is all about your expectations, your attitude, and we trick ourselves and others all the time. The great magicians know this. They have an advantage over the rest of us who are inclined to believe what we see in life.

Have you ever set a resolution and failed to follow through? Did you trick your mind or did your mind trick you?

You watch a magician performing the craft of “magic” with your belief suspended, expecting to see through the trick and yet end up being blown away.

You watch yourself plan to exercise more, eat less or better, stop doing this or start doing that, only to blow that diet or regimen a little while later.

In the process of trying to stick to your decision, you catch the conversation going on in your head.

Our thinking is not as crisp and clean as we would like to think. It is full of noise; distractions like the magician’s empty hand waving in front of you.

You are what you believe. Your beliefs shape your attitude and your attitude shapes who you become. This is your style of “being” in the world. It defines the actions you can successfully take, how you will project yourself; and how far you will push yourself.

Underneath your personality and your character is your attitude. Is the world a friendly or hostile place? And the future – is it something to look forward to? Can you (and to what extent) shape your future?

The pattern of your psyche, your underlying approach to the world, has a dominant thread. A recurring theme that shapes your possibilities and directs your future.

Work against it and it is an uphill battle, littered with broken resolutions and unrealized decisions. Work with it and your life happens more efficiently.

Biologists, psychologists and social scientists come at it from different perspectives and give them different names, but they all end up at the same core drivers that shape our lives.

You don’t have to study any of those things to find your core drivers.A little self interrogation and they reveal themselves – and you can spot the leader of the pack quite easily.

What drives your attitude to life? What motivates you? What energizes you and makes you see possibility and reach eagerly for the kind of accomplishment that makes your life worth living?

Discover that now

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