Shine Your Light Laser Strategy

The planet Jupiter is conjunct the Sun. Known as the Generous One, it has inspired me to be just that.  For 1 week only, I have a very special deal for you. One that addresses the top 3 concerns of you, the business owner.

Shine Your Light Laser Strategy
Available only till June 28th

Click the button to reserve your Strategy Session and then schedule it using the calendar.

I’ll show you how to find your brand voice that sets you  apart from your competitors – PLUS – You’ll receive a Free copy of “Make Them Crave It: The Power and Pull of Pizzazz and Appeal.”

 Find your unique brand voice             Stake a claim ONLY you can fulfill

My normal rate for a laser strategy session would be $299! And my report, “Make Them Crave It,” is a $49 value.  I am offering all this for only $89 . You save $260!  

How it works

Stop struggling to find “your voice.”

People don’t buy from companies, they buy from people. Whether you are in your own business, or are an independent consultant, your own personal voice attracts the people you work with.

We will set up the framework for what will make you stand out and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Find a voice for you that is clear and different.

The top 3 concerns of business owners are:

  • 80% attracting new customers
  • 52% getting customers to refer new business
  • 41% making marketing dollars go further

That’s nuts! The first two are about the 3rdmaking your marketing dollars go further!  The right voice comes through louder – stretching your marketing spend.

Marketing is business development…you need  more customers, you need referrals, and you need to build repeat business.

Marketing is getting people to Know, Like and Trust you.

  • Know” is attracting attention so they want to get to know you.
  • Like” is about making an emotional connection
  • Trust” is about confidence that expectations will be met

These are all about intangible feelings the prospect or customer has about your brand.

Be Jupiter generous to your business and reward yourself with success:

  • Establish an unmistakable and memorable brand identity
  • Create a deep connection with your chosen audience – they are your raving fans of the future!

I have opened up my schedule for you until Friday, June 28th.

Click the button to reserve your Strategy Session and then schedule it using the calendar.

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