KimberlyAnne Christensen – Bright Star Café – April 12 2013

KimberlyAnne Christensen

CBS New Sky Radio

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This Friday, join me, Sue Hines as I talk with Kimberly Anne Christensen, D.Div., the Founder and Creator of Life Path International. 

Having been blessed with the gift of vibrational resonance, a form of psychic “seeing”, she is directly connected to the angelic realm, and uses her gifts to share both universal and angelic knowledge. She has chosen to use these talents as a Spiritual AstroNumerologist, Life Path Consultant, and Awaken to Love Mentor, to assist those on the quest to discovering their Authentic Self of Body, Mind and Spirit, and life path and purpose.

Through Vibrational readings, and Personalized WordEnergy reports that reveal the spiritual truths behind your name, birthday, and natal astrology birth chart, she has had great success in guiding people to the next steps of their spiritual and physical life journey. In addition, she has also created a 12 Video package helping her clients connect to love, entitled “The Gift of Goodbye – Awaken to Love Workshop.”

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