Joyce O’Brien – Bright Star Café – June 7 2013


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This week I am joined on Bright Star Café by Joyce O’Brien, author of the #1 Bestselling book, Choose to Live. Listen in as Joyce tells her amazing story – click the button to listen live or download the podcast.

Within a 5-year period, Joyce O’Brien’s husband, Kevin, was paralyzed after a brain hemorrhage and both Joyce and Kevin were diagnosed with late stage cancers.

Faced with their devastating diagnoses, and fearing leaving their baby girl an orphan, Joyce, an Executive Vice President on Wall Street, left a successful 18 year career to begin her healing journey.

Ten years ago, Joyce and Kevin were blessed with healing stage 3b and stage 4 cancers, chronic fatigue, depression and more. Joyce’s life mission became clear and she invested years in training, research and studying with top doctors and experts in holistic health to discover many of the secrets of what makes us sick and how to heal.

Joyce, trained in Biological Medicine and Microscopy, is a national speaker empowering, inspiring and educating her audiences with the tools to improve their health – body, mind and spirit.

~Sue Hines


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