Got The Energy For This?

Energy from MotivationYour success depends on it!

It’s inside and outside. It’s real and sometimes visible. Its organic and inorganic and who knows what else!

There is energy all around us vibrating at levels we don’t really perceive, let alone know or understand.

It has a life of its own, like your heart pumping blood and your digestion doing what it does. The energy around us presumably follows principles and rules. It moves fast or slow, actively and passively, and it is creative.  It is also destructive. It is there, working and moving whether you think it is or not.

Like a live wire torn down from the power lines during a storm, our own personal energy holds potential. It “comes alive” when we encounter certain things – or people, or thoughts.

You can’t see the current in a cable. In fact, you will only know the current is active when it touches something. the energy in us is like that. Invisible but alive.

Music, words or almost anything can excite the potential energy that lies in little pockets inside us, just waiting.

In the book, Power Versus Force, David R Hawkins said that “content, meaning, and value… serve as organizing energies for widespread patterns of human behavior.”

So, for example, my everyday life is governed by my ‘normal’ rate of energy. This determines (or perhaps is determined by) my habitual range of thoughts and activities.

Then something “alarms” or interests me and my energy level goes up. A smell will energize me, so will certain sounds. The breath of fear will most certainly make me sit up and take notice. Feelings can raise my energy level, making me more or less comfortable.

At a certain point, that raised energy makes me move. It makes me interact with the environment. I get out of the way, I turn the sound up or down. I am “motivated” to take action.

Ever heard the phrase “stopped in your tracks”? One of the fear responses is to freeze. Doubt can make us stand still too. Those things that get us moving can also make us stop – the words and music or certain smells or sounds.

A sad song might slow me down. The smells of the changing seasons bring memories that distract me from my tasks. Have you had that experience?

What affects me, what gets me motivated or saps my energy may not do the same for you. We all have somewhat different “circuits” and are influenced and inspired by different things.

Yet, for each of us, there are general patterns. I know jazz music makes me want to get up and leave, but the Blues, that’s different. It gets me moving to the beat. Can you concentrate when there is music in the room?

Ideas move me. Dreams, ideals and a sense of responsibility move me – all in different ways.

What moves you? Do you know what ignites you and gets you moving and keeps you going even when things get tough or rough? Knowing these things gives you the power to manage your energy. This is the secret to reaching your potential.

Managing your energy is the key to your success. 

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