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You have to make so many decisions every day, if you didn’t have some of them on automatic, you’d go crazy. Do you ever feel, though, that you are doing what you do just because it is your normal thing?

Soon after my daughter, Jess, was born I discovered the work of Maria Montessori. Before she could even sit, I was determined that she would go to a Montessori Pre-School.

When she was exactly two-and-a-half years old, she had her first day at a Montessori school in Johannesburg. I really liked the owner, Lynn, who was a true believer in the method, without being a purist.

When I went to fetch Jess at the end of the morning, she was outside in the yard playing with the other children at the slide. They were scrambling up the slide, lying down and letting go so they slipped to the bottom.

She was outside at the slide at the end of her second morning, and again on the third day. When I got there on the 4th day, the principal, Lynn said that Jess had been on the slide all day, and she had even taken Jess’ snack over there and handed it to her at the top of the slide.

If you know anything about Montessori Method, you know that a slide is not part of it. This was not what I was paying for, and I voiced my concern to Lynn.

She sat me down on the grass to watch my daughter climbing and sliding and explained how Jess was “doing Montessori” on the slide. Here’s what Lynn told me:

The first day Jess had mostly watched. The second day she had climbed up a few rungs, figuring out hand foot coordination required to climb a nearly upright ladder. Grasp, step, let go, grasp. Step with the other foot, let go the other hand, grasp…

Half way up, she decided she didn’t like the height and had wanted to come down. This caused chaos to the clambering kids in line behind her.

Then Jess stood aside, watching and waiting, patiently on the side for the slide to be free, with no kids in line. Then she climbed the ladder again. One hand, one foot. Other hand, other foot. About half way up, she stopped, went down two rungs, and then went on up.

At the top, she stood a while and then climbed back down. She walked around to the front of the slide and clambered up the slope. A little way up, she turned herself around and sat down, let go, and slid gently to the bottom.

The third day she climbed the ladder all the way to the top and sat down. She carefully stood up again and went back down the ladder. She spent most of the day alternating. Either she climbed the ladder and sat down at the top, only to stand up and climb all the way down, or she scrambled up the slide, let go and slid to the bottom.

But it was that fourth day that she had finally crossed her own little Rubicon. As soon as she got there she had run outside, climbed all the way to the top, sat down, slid gleefully to the bottom, ran around to the ladder and did it again. And again, and again.

Feet first, head first, sitting, lying, and any which way she could, she climbed and slid down that slide all morning long. She was Totally Inspired!

Lynn had just shown me she was everything I could possibly want in a Montessori teacher.

What has this got to do with your Free Strategy Session?

We do things over and over to learn, grow and perfect our skills.Through repetition we learn to tackle challenges and face our fears and cultivate excellence.

We also develop habits and rituals that keep hygienic and fit and our households and businesses functioning well. Habits are good for maintenance. In fact, habits are not actually good for anything beyond maintenance.

I am so sure of this, that I am offering you a Strategy Session with me, at absolutely no cost to you:

if you have a habit or something you do over and over for any worthwhile reason that is not learning, growth, perfection or maintenance.

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