Introduction to “More in Five Minutes”

CreatingCongratulations on taking the steps to changing your life!


An email will arrive in your inbox each day for 66 days.

  • The email will outline a carefully structured 5 minute task for that day

  • Complete the task, preferably at the same time every day

  • It is that simple

How to get the most from “More in 5 Minutes”

Most of the exercises involve writing. Have a pen and paper or a notebook handy.

Because RITUAL is such a powerful component of this program, try set a regular time to do the exercises each day. First thing in the morning is best, but feel free to adapt it to whatever time supports your daily routine.

Include some ritual actions before you begin the exercises each day, including setting a timer. Here is a simple ritual you might follow:

Set a timer for 5 minutes. Use the forefinger of your non-dominant hand to tap the middle of your forehead five times, above, but between your eyebrows.
Take your pen in your dominant hand and write the number 5 three times.
Take three deep breaths.
Begin the exercise.

Q. Do I need my computer for the exercises?

A. Many of the exercises are written, so you will need a pen and a notebook or paper. I recommend that you write by hand, as the brain processes differently depending on whether you write by hand or using a keyboard. However, you are welcome to use the writing method that best suits you.

Q. Do the exercises really take 5 minutes?

A. You might find you work faster than most people. To get the most benefit, try to use the full five minutes each day thinking or writing on the topic for that day.

Q. How much will I need to write?

A. The average person writes between 10 and 20 words per minute. For most exercises you will probably write between 60 and 100 words.

Q. Do I have to share the results of my exercises with you?

A. Unless the exercise specifically stipulates involving others, they are intended as private, personal work. However, you may choose to share what you write or do with another person. It is up to you.

Q. Do I need to keep what I write about in the daily exercises?

A. You may save or discard what you have written. 

Q. May I spend longer than 5 minutes on an exercise if I feel like it?

A. If any exercise grabs your attention, and you wish to spend longer than five minutes on it that day, feel free to do so.

Q. What do I do if I find the exercise too difficult?

A. Some of the five minute exercises may seem more difficult for you than others. Have patience. There is a method to the process. The effects build over time and each exercise plays a role. If you really can’t find anything to write about for one of the exercises, use your five minutes to write about why that is.

Q. What should I do if there is day or two that I cannot do the exercises?

A. Small lapses in participation should not impact the overall effect and you will still get results. If you skip or miss a day,simply do the next exercise. It is a good idea to keep a note of the days you missed, so you can go back at the end and do those.

Q. You provide a suggested ritual. Do I have to use that or may I create my own?

A. You are welcome to make up your own. You might wish to include a prayer or invocation.

Email me HERE if you have any feedback or questions.

Good luck on your quest for more!

Sue Hines


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