Fear is Your Advantage

The advantage of fear

he advantage of fear

What is it you are most afraid of? What you fear is a clue to your center of gravity. It is a little window to your soul.

Fear is your advantage – let it feed your success!

“Fear” is the label for the flutter in your heart that makes you stop. It is the sinking, hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach, but it is also your greatest guide.

Fear triggers a host of changes that give us fantastic abilities for a short while. The adrenaline pumping through us makes us super-strong, super-fast or it grants us uncanny hearing or sight.

The fight or flight response in the face of immediate present danger, is one thing, but what makes you fearful is so revealing.

What you are afraid of can be a powerful predictor of your personality and thus your actions.

More people are said to be afraid of public speaking than they are of dying, so comedians joke that funeral goers would prefer to be in the coffin than delivering the eulogy.

Why are so many people afraid of public speaking? Psychologist, Dorothy Rowe, thinks this is a clue to our strengths.

Extroverts, she says, fear rejection and isolation more than death. The prospect of being discarded or left out is their worst fear.

Where’s the strength in that?

The fear pushes them to work harder to compromise, create harmony and to be supportive. It encourages them to build group coherence, to keep people engaged and participating. Extroverts are the critical to our social survival.

Introverts, on the other hand, are more afraid of their world and things collapsing around them. Their biggest fear is the chaos.

How can that be a strength?

Here the fear keeps people striving to achieve organization and control. They work hard to bring about and keep order and predictability. Introverts keep everything working.

Fear as a motivator offers us a little insight into our own behaviors, but is only one dimension of our personalities.

To really use your fear to your advantage, you probably need to look across a few different dimensions. Doing so will guarantee you have a more fulfilling life.

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Author: Sue Hines

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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