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Looking at where you are going and focusing on the tasks ahead is all about the future. It is about the idea of applying something now for a later goal.

In a society with a strong focus on immediate gratification, future thinking that is to be of any value needs to actually engage an inner resource – your motivation.

Without it, we are stuck with the drudgery of willpower and the seemingly endless dragging of your will and attention from moment to moment.

The feeling of being motivated includes a sense joy that is energizing and exhilarating. Being in touch with the characteristics of motivation and recognizing the feelings it brings helps you tune into the attitude that keeps it alive and functioning.

Here are some common characteristics around being motivated

  • Goals: when you know what you want to achieve, it directs what you need to do.
  • Apply yourself: when you are striving toward something, your focused intent draws in your body’s energy, applies it to the task and your actions flow more easily.
  • Resourcefulness: your desire to get something done makes you look for ways to achieve it. You seek out internal and external resources so it does not feel onerous or burdensome.
  • Facilitation: you look for the knowledge, understanding or skill you need, for whatever will help you, because any lack frustrates or blocks action and impedes your motivation.
  • Feedback: you find ways to measure where you are up to. Tracking your progress helps you maintain your momentum and gives meaning to what you are doing.
  • Recognition: you recognize and acknowledge small steps or accomplishments on your path to your goal and honoring this progress stimulates and reinforces your motivation.
  • Forward looking: you look for synchronicity, coincidence and other signals that push or pull you toward your goal. These signs enhance your efforts and sustain you.
  • Challenge: you find a balance between degree of challenge and ease of accomplishment.Interest and motivation wane when things are too easy or too hard. “Challenging but do-able” is optimal for motivation.
  • Enjoyment: you find pleasure in what you are doing – if not for its own sake, for where it is taking you. Every step that brings feelings of progress and control makes you feel better. Your brain pieces the patterns together and helps you stay motivated by encouraging you to seek out those feelings.

Willpower be-gone! I want to be motivated!  How about you?

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