Don’t Ignore These Signals

trust signals from intuitionKnowing when you know, and when you “know”   

The next time you think you have made a rational, logical choice about which home, car, or computer to buy, know your rational brain has tricked you.

What are the signals that your very own brain is tricking you into thinking you are being logical?

Signals You Can Trust

There are 265 models of new motor vehicles available in the US. With all the features and options available, deciding on the vehicle you want means processing at least a half million combinations before you get to financing and deal options or even from where to buy it.

Conservatively factoring those in would put the number of choice options way over 4 million.

That is too much information for anyone to handle using logic and rational thinking. Your brain actually shuts down part of its processing and, if you try to stay logical, you will make a worse decision.

Scientists have proven that complex decision-making is much more efficient when done emotionally.

Basically, if you have lived long enough to be reading this, you have undoubtedly made thousands of very complex decisions using your intuition. You are intuitive.

Signals from Your Intuition

The nudges and whispers come in different forms. Some are very tangible and others are vague impressions, but they are all effective means of getting you to pay attention.

1. Intuitive taps come from your body.  

  • Body signals feed you good and bad news. Getting goosebumps when you see or hear something is one way your unconscious reaches out to remind you of a value or principle that matters deeply to you.
  • A primal response to fear is the sensation of your “hackles rising” or the hair standing up on the back of your neck. Avoid trouble and heartache by noticing when this happens. It is also nature’s way of alerting you to real and present danger.
  • Noticing a knot in your stomach gives you the opportunity to question and revisit your intentions.
  • Tightened jaw or tense shoulders are body messages warning you are not effectively dealing with negative emotions like frustration or anger.

2. Intuition appears as cloudy thoughts.  

  • A sense that something feels right or wrong is your intuition begging for attention. It might feel irrational and not logical – just an almost-thought you can’t put your finger on.
  • Intuition is often confused with desires, urges or cravings, but there is an element of Truth, or a sense of it being Right that distinguishes it. Look for that sweet sense of support it so often carries.
  • Intuitive thoughts are generally simple or single-minded. If your thinking is detailed or complex, it is not intuition. Nor is it intuition if it is fear-based.
  • Intuition can be inspiring. When your rational mind is exhausted with overwork or over analysis, taking a break or a nap can invite your intuitive flash that bursts through as an Ah-Ha! or insight.
  • A sense of foreboding or of dej’a vu is a sign your intuition is knocking at the door of your conscious brain. Time-warp experiences are the intuitive mind’s way of making you take notice.

3.  Intuition heightens awareness of connection.

  • Coincidences or synchronicity, like someone calling you just as you are talking about them are intuitive taps. Recognizing “perfect timing” allows you to respond to intuitive guidance.
  • Noticing a coincidence allows you to direct your thoughts, conscious and unconscious, to find the connection or meaning.
  • A single book sticks out in the bookshelf or even falls off the shelf and you discover it is about the exact problem you are wrestling with.
  • Picking up “vibes” is another way our subconscious breaks through to our conscious thinking. The sensation of feeling vibes around a situation or person is a signal to pay attention.
  • Because intuition is compassionate it facilitates sensitive connection with others, like picking up on subtle clues like facial muscles, eye movements, or other signs about the situation or conditions.

Your intuition directs your attention to something specific. It offers real tools you can use to enhance your life.

Hone your intuition, it is a valuable resource!

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