Do You Need Those Boundaries?

find your boundariesThe key to growth…

When you allow in only what is familiar and undemanding, your life will be mediocre.  That’s something I’ve written to you about before (here).

I know it intellectually, but it is good when something happens to shake me awake so I remember it, and that’s what happened to me by the end of Day 2.

I ended the day feeling frustrated and irritated. I felt I was being pushed in a direction that wasn’t right for me and I was in full-on resistance mode.

I called a friend to get a reality check. My wonderful friend, Michele. She asked the right questions and gave the right advice. (Don’t you just LOVE it when a friend does that?)

Basically, she told me to suck it up and go do what I was supposed to do. (Don’t you hate it when a friend does that?)

But it was right. She was right. I did the work and pushed past the block I had cooked up for myself and which, for a long time, had kept me from achieving the clarity I had been seeking. I stuck at it long enough to melt away my own reasons to resist.

Here’s what I have found to be true:

Avoidance nearly always leads you to about where you started. It is backward looking. You cannot see where you are going.

  • You will not raise your life to its full potential when your intent is limitation.
  • Motivation away from something keeps you looking at what holds you back and this inhibits your spirit. Focus on the “not,” and the best you can hope for is relief.

Motivation toward something keeps you open and ready to adjust course as your emerging reality demands.  

  • Growth strategies turn wishing into hope and dreams into visions.
  • They move your potential from possible to probable.

For someone who works from home, an hour-long commute is a waste of time. To a commuter who has the routine down and who uses the time to read, catch up on phone calls, listen to music or audio books, that hour is valuable.

This weekend’s experience reminded me that we each determine whether we live up to our full potential. Being aware of and our choices and our responsibility to choose determines how much of our potential we fulfill (read more here).

I have often remarked that studies connecting astrology to prominently successful individuals show significant positive correlations. The statistical significance that appears for those that excel is not evident in general population data.

You have to stretch for the stars if you want to reach them.

I remembered I wrote about this in December last year. You can read that post here.

Not putting in the effort to fulfill your potential does not negate the fact that you have it.

The keys to success lie in the archetypal qualities of the human spirit. Our choices as to how we apply them, translates our given potential into probable outcomes.

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