Did You Deserve That?

Deserve that choicesStaying authentic when someone asks a loaded question is the key to getting what you want out of life. But it is not always easy.   

Today I have a hypothesis for you to consider, and then I have a Big Question.


Here’s my hypothesis for today:


“You get the life you create and you create it through the choices you make”


Said another way, it is this:


“You will get to wherever you are going, but choice takes you where you want to go”


How many decisions do you make every day? Some say that number is as big as 35,000 – EACH DAY!


Okay, I guess that must be the folk who are in a new place or do not have their routine down. The rest of us rely on habits and patterns. They serve us well by reducing the number of options we face.


Whatever the true number is, one thing is sure: We make a huge number of choices every day – what and when to eat and drink apparently accounts for around 200 of them daily.


Choosing takes mental energy and having too many options for any choice that makes for exhaustion. The more choices we have, the more it wears us down. More than six options sends us into a choice funk.


People are ten times more likely to make a purchase if they have only six things to choose from than if they have a huge range of options.


There is another problem with variety. Having too many choices also makes us dissatisfied. We are happier with our choices when the selection is limited.


Having more than a few options stresses us out. It extends the decision-making long after we make a selection. When we are faced with a big range from which to make a selection,  we end up with more reasons to second-guess ourselves.  


“Did I choose the best one?”  

“Would one of the other options have been better?”  

“Which one?”


Choosing is hard work so we use habits and experience, often settling for something marginal or outdated, in because it helps us avoid the task of choosing.  


We need to review our habits and patterns on a regular basis to ensure that they still serve us well. 


Another way we cut down on the number of choices we face every day is by using a mental framework that narrows down our range of choices on some predetermined criteria.  


This mental framework, our guiding principles, also need regular review as our circumstances change or we can find ourselves either running out of options or having far too many.


This brings me to the Big Question for today:


Are your choices getting you the life you want?

Author: Sue Hines

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