Debra Poneman – Bright Star Café – April 26 2013

Debra Poneman

CBS New Sky Radio

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Join the fascinating conversation as Sue Hines talks with Debra Poneman.

After spending the decade of the 70’s with some of the most renowned spiritual masters of the east often in deep meditation for up to 12 hours a day and teaching meditation to thousands, Debra discovered the principle that your thoughts create your reality, now popularly called the Law of Attraction. Fascinated with this concept, she immersed herself in the works of the masters of western metaphysical thought like Napoleon Hill and Emmett Fox.  Then, knowing the world was ready for this knowledge, founded Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.

Soon Debra’s seminars on how to create a life of authentic success, happiness and abundance were being taught in dozens of US cities and seven countries on four continents.  Among her students were people who, applying what they learned, became mega-successful entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, millionaires, billionaires—even household names.

Then, with a book deal in hand and negotiations underway for her own TV talk show, true to her teachings, Debra gave it all up when she realized she had a greater passion.

Over 25 years later, Debra, now a best-selling author, is back to share her story and her secrets of how true and lasting success is really created.

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