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Creating HappinessLife, Liberty and the Pursuit…

Is happiness in your power or is it something that comes to you?

One of the greatest developments of the last century, in my opinion, is the rise of “Positive Psychology.”

The underlying principle this field has validated is that the lens through which you view the world shapes your reality.

Your external world does not dictate your happiness!  Yes! The truly wonderful thing about what they have discovered is that your happiness is up to you!

In his TEDX talk, Harvard lecturer on the subject, Shawn Achor, blasts the mental model many people have:

Working hard -> leads to Success
Having success -> leads to being Happy

Instead, he points out that science shows, and every great parent knows: It is your positive attitude that leads to positive outcomes in your life (AKA Success).

Achor’s colleague, Dan Gilbert, has shown that we are wired to create happiness. We don’t need to wait for it to find us or for conditions to be “right” to allow it to appear in our lives.

It is not a “tomorrow-thing” and it is not dependent on outside conditions. Our own happiness is up to us!  Here are Gilbert’s 5 PROVEN WAYS to increase your happiness level in 21 Days:

  1. At the end of each day, write down 3 new things you are grateful for
  2. Journal about 1 positive thing that happened in the past 24 hours
  3. Exercise for 40 minutes (even if it is 2 x 20 minutes)
  4. Daily meditation
  5. A daily act of kindness

But happy for no reason is not good enough to positively affect your health, but having a sense of meaning will contribute to your physical well-being, even if you are not happy.

They overlap, but there is a difference between “feeling happy” and the “well-being” that comes from having a sense of  meaning. Research shows a sense of meaning more reliably translates into into physical wellness and resilience.

Managing where you are NOW determines how happy and successful you will be tomorrow. The secret to actively managing now is to realize the meaning of this moment.

3 Ways to discovering or filling any moment of your life with meaning:

  1. What you do. The first way to find meaning is seek it the tasks you undertake.
  2. What you encounter. The second way is to recognize the unique and special meaning a moment, your interaction with life, a situation, or another person offers you.
  3. What attitude you take. Realizing that you choose, at any single moment in life, the stand you wish to take and what you will make of it, brings meaning into focus.

Connecting the dots – this moment as part of a string of moments that lead or have led you to now – allows meaning to burst through the fabric of your existence.

So does making the connection between you and others, as does linking your involvement in this present moment.

Here is what I wish for you: It is that you click below to:

Create your happiness and fill the moment with meaning.

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