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Sell My Business?

Do you have all the information for a confident decision? If you knew more, would you make the same choice?  The choices we make define the life we live. Astrology can help you find the life you want. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sell My Business? Phil and his wife, Jenny, came to seem me about selling their business. They had been approached by …

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What about an Opposition?

Fullmoon May 5 2012

The Full Moon is a good time to explore the energy created when planets oppose each other from across the zodiac. Traditional Western astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac, in which each sign is allocated 30 degrees, and they follow a specific order. We usually start the order with Aries – the sign traditionally associated with spring. Opposite Aries, or 180 …

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John’s First Apartment

Is something in your life nagging for your attention? Do you want to feel more comfortable handling a situation you find yourself in? Life is an unfolding journey, and Astrology can offer revelations that brighten your prospects. . John’s First Apartment    I first met Dan many years ago. He could rightly be described as a skeptic when it came to …

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There’s a Yod today!


Today, March 30, 2012, there is a lining up of the planets Venus, Mercury and Saturn that makes a pattern in the sky that we astrologers call a Yod, a Projection Figure, or Finger of God.  Some of you were born at a time when there was a Yod in the stars so you may know or have been told …

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Be Your Life Architect

You are the architect of your life. The birth chart can be the blueprint, the set of plans, but how it is built is up to you. Think of the decisions you make as the materials you choose to use. Staying with the same analogy, the attention you give an aspect of your life might be similar to the type …

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Changing the Future


When we sleep, the scientists say, our brains scan and reinterpret the information we have stored as memories, even things we didn’t consciously notice. Similarities and patterns in experiences and feelings link together while we are asleep and we often awake to find new understanding and meaning through the connections our dreaming mind makes. Astrology can be a powerful tool …

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