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Drive, Impulse and Inspiration

Your inner engines    Looking at where you are going and focusing on the tasks ahead is all about the future. It is about the idea of applying something now for a later goal. In a society with a strong focus on immediate gratification, future thinking that is to be of any value needs to actually engage an inner resource – …

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Don’t Ignore These Signals

trust signals from intuition

Knowing when you know, and when you “know”    The next time you think you have made a rational, logical choice about which home, car, or computer to buy, know your rational brain has tricked you. What are the signals that your very own brain is tricking you into thinking you are being logical? Signals You Can Trust There are …

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Doubting But Choosing Anyway

doubting but choosing

I agree with Sir Francis Bacon, who said “there is no fatal necessity in the stars, but that they rather incline than compel.” This is as true for our circumstances and our genetics. Even when we are guided or led, we always have a choice. Free will is a decision. We do not have the physical characteristics that enable us …

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Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit… Is happiness in your power or is it something that comes to you? One of the greatest developments of the last century, in my opinion, is the rise of “Positive Psychology.” The underlying principle this field has validated is that the lens through which you view the world shapes your reality. Your external world does …

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Creativity – Your Healthiest Impulse

Creativity is your healthiest impulse

Live into the future – Leap into the unknown Looking for a specific idea I remembered from “The Courage to Create“, I got sucked right in to a complete re-read of this powerful little book, the cover of which declares it is about our healthiest impulse, Creativity. A little more than half-way through, I came across a discolored yellow sticky …

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Your Mental Gift


Framing Your Attention The supermarket cashier seemed barely awake. It was 10 minutes into the day and she stood with her head half-bowed, eyes looking a little glazed. I almost didn’t want to disturb her. Her posture made me feel guilty about her having to get up so early to serve people like me who took for granted that the …

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Do You Need Those Boundaries?

find your boundaries

The key to growth… When you allow in only what is familiar and undemanding, your life will be mediocre.  That’s something I’ve written to you about before (here). I know it intellectually, but it is good when something happens to shake me awake so I remember it, and that’s what happened to me by the end of Day 2. I …

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Absolutely Enchanting

Enchanting Garden

The multi-billion dollar entertainment industry is proof that we humans love, crave and even need enchantment. Dictionary definitions of the word enchant includes the ideas of magic, bewitching, delighting and even of joy. Enchantment is a motivating quality that directly affects our success in life, as individuals and in business.  It is the gift of Neptune. Being enchanted is like …

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9 Ways To Cultivate Optimism


And put your life on steroids    Are you an optimist? If you believe your happiness comes from inside you and that there is some more-or-less stable and predictable order to life, you are probably an optimist. If you believe you have relatively little or no control over events and that they occur without any predictable order or pattern, you …

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Wear Your Soul on Your Sleeve

what excites you

It’s good business   In this jaded world of ours, we are keenly aware of being politically and socially correct. Yet the demands of modern life are frenzied and harried and we count making time to think a luxury. The end result is murky thinking and weak philosophies. This cocktail is a powerful sedative – a creator of mediocrity..and we muddle …

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