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Change Your Life in Just A Few Hours

More in 5 minutes a day

Want to change your life, but don’t know where to start? Yes, change is hard!! But not changing is even harder! + Just 5 minutes of exercise a day increases your lifespan. + Your focus improves with 5 minutes of meditation a day. + 5 minutes of outdoor activity boosts your self-esteem. > That is all it takes, just 5 …

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4 Small Steps to Radical Change

last drop

Big change doesn’t take a revolution. Today’s self-tracking devices like Fitbit and the Nike Fuel Band do show that it is not the size of the change, but the tracking of it that is what brings about the revolution. Tracking the change feeds the motivation to continue with each small step. So, if that works for changing your physiology, what …

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Morning People Rule

early or late riser

And what to do if you are NOT a morning person Morning people have the advantage. It’s more than motivation, it’s happiness they get. Have you figured out at what time of day you are at your best? A few years ago, I delved deep into time, consuming close to 100 books on the subject of our daily rhythms. The …

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Your Inner Sage

Your Inner Sage

Where is Your Inner Sage? The combined wisdom of ancient and modern science and techniques help us understand how to get motivated and stay engaged. In olden times, it was the priests who were the sages and scribes. Their job was to understand how the world works and what makes us humans tick, so they could guide the rulers in …

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3 Steps to Your Strategic Advantage


Are you on track to meet your goals for the year? Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones that have already met them. Maybe you’re a long way off. Don’t adjust the goals, adjust your strategy. Find Your Strategic Advantage in just 3 Simple Steps Over the past couple of weeks, I have run across several people who find …

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Tools for Inspiration

What is Your Genie

Inspiration comes in some surprising forms. I studiously avoided something for years, yet it turned out to hold a huge gift. As a teenager, I shrugged off the subject of math and defiantly refused to take any math course. Despite spending the last several decades using statistics, I have so far managed to work around my lack of math skills. …

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Milestone Counting Misses Life Itself

Patti Coertze

Reaching Milestones or just Marking Time In talking about achievement the other day, I remembered something a wise, wise woman once told me, and I would like to share the thought with you. Dr. Patti Havenga Coertze is her name, bright eyed, curious, and always thinking – differently. The first day I met her, she took me into her sunny …

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You Are Wired for Simple

Wired for simple

Language is an organ of perception¬† Our brains are wired to believe rather than disbelieve. This fact influences our lives every single day. It is not the work of the con artist or magician I am talking about, although they certainly exploit this tendency. The human brain automatically accepts incoming information as true. The brain later runs the information through …

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Free Strategy Session

Learn, grow, perfect your skills

Read to find out more You have to make so many decisions every day, if you didn’t have some of them on automatic, you’d go crazy. Do you ever feel, though, that you are doing what you do just because it is your normal thing? Soon after my daughter, Jess, was born I discovered the work of Maria Montessori. Before …

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Your Future Identity

Do you have a clear vision of who you are becoming? You are shaping your future right now – whether you know it or not. My dear friend, Jack, says “You spend the first half of your life figuring out what to do with the second half.” And that all depends on today! When you paint a clear and compelling …

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