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A New Day

Do you love what you do? Are you spending your time on the fun stuff or are you stuck in the grind? Finding how to live your passion sets your whole life on a fulfilling course. Astrology can help align what you do with what feels good and right. A New Day Diane was stuck. She had built a thriving …

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Should Stephanie Teach

Are you confident in your path? Do you have meaning and purpose in your life? It’s not easy to remain confident when others are undermining. Astrology is a great asset in staying on track and truly engaged in your passion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Should Stephanie Teach? Stephanie had just completed her third year of teaching when she came to see me for …

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Make The Leap… Now?

Do you know what you really want? Are you ready to make the commitment? It’s human nature to be conflicted but success comes in unraveling fear from real danger. ¬†Astrology is a wonderful tool for excavating your true desires. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Make The Leap… Now? At last, Zelda was about to escape the corporate world. Her friend Terese had already resigned …

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I Was Born That Way!

Are things working out the way you want? Do you feel you are pushing rocks uphill or are you coasting freely? Doing what you want and doing what you do well can be the same thing. ¬†Astrology is an excellent way to find your passion in life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Was Born That Way! Ride your strengths and everything seems so …

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