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Pivotal Moment

Just Start

To do or not to do     “The virtue of all achievement is victory over oneself. Those who know this victory can never know defeat.” ~A. J. Cronin Like so many, I have started out with something in mind. Buoyed by excitement and novelty, I have dived in and begun working with enthusiasm and filled with hope. That feeling of …

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Banish Comfort

Burning Desire

Embrace ‘divine discontent’   I was looking for the connection between what people say they want and what they get. So I asked. Perhaps you already realize this, but I was surprised at how consistent the findings were. What stands in the way of achieving your potential right now? Your answers show that the #1 thing standing in your way is …

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Entrepreneur’s Archetypes of Success

Entrepreneur's Archetypes

Order your FREE copy now The “Entrepreneur’s Archetypes of Success: Leveraging the 9 Qualities“ Order now if you are ready to bridge the gap between running a business and having a brand! By submitting your email address, you consent to us keeping you informed about updates to our website and about other products and services that we think might interest …

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The Ultimate Succes Guide

The Ultimate Success Guide - Sue Hines

Get your copy for only $7. My award winning chapter is The Will to Succeed: Activating the Nine Qualities to Achieve Your Potential I was excited when I got this message: Congratulations! You have been chosen by our editor to receive a special Editors Choice Award for your outstanding chapter in “The Ultimate Success Guide.” Now I am really excited, …

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Do You Procrastinate?


After talking with someone about procrastination yesterday, I woke this morning still thinking about it, so I wanted to share some things about it with you. What do you have trouble getting or staying motivated to do? Perhaps it is the laundry, the stuff piling up in the garage or spare room. Maybe you delay doing your taxes till the …

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That “Something Special”


How many times do you do one thing, knowing you could or should be spending your time on something else, something more valuable? You struggle to find the words to explain why you do this and you wonder about the reasons you do this to yourself. Something is missing and you are not sure what it is and you are …

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Star Qualities


  If you can hook into your “motivation generator,” life becomes a whole lot simpler. It’s not willpower that makes for great success, but willingness. Willpower might work for a limited time or some necessary concentrated effort, but relying on willpower is not a viable long term strategy. What works is engaging that part of you that “wants” to get …

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Passion Motivates

Johanna Lyman

This week I invited my newsletter readers to join me on Facebook and let me know what quotes keep them motivated and on track and why. Johanna Lyman’s winning quote that keeps her motivated and non track is: “I’ve been absolutely terrified every day of my life, but I’ve never let it stop me from doing a single thing.”  ~Georgia …

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Love and Business


Love is one of the graces of Venus, that keeps you connected to others. Newborn babies deprived of genuine loving affection very often fail to thrive. The medical profession is virtually unanimous in the assertion that love is a human biological and psychological necessity. Science is showing that love builds your immune system, helping you fight disease. It lowers your …

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What Are You Looking for?


Life seems to go in cycles. In the past few days, I have run into several people who are doing what they should, but not loving it. Is it just January Fever? Perhaps it is just easy to settle into a routine that suffices. The job pays the bills, offers enough challenge to keep you occupied and focused on what …

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