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Who Wants A Worm Anyway?

worm by digipam

What Gets You Going in the Morning? Not too long ago, some popular science magazine had an article about every family having at least one Early Riser and at least one Night Owl. Apparently it’s nature’s way of ensuring we always have someone on guard. Now that got me thinking… They say “The Early Bird Gets The Worm” and that …

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How to Get What You Want

Motivation Style Genie

The Secret Sauce: When business is flourishing life is good. Even then, the pressure can build and you get that sneaky feeling you are headed for burnout. How do you stop it from happening? Take the “Find Your Genie” Quiz Now  Flagging motivation or getting caught up in the business of every day life can dampen the thrill of going …

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In Your Wildest Dreams

Motivation Genie Lamp

Stop Lying Awake at Night – Find your Genie You have a Genie that grants your wishes. Find your Genie, the magical part of you that responds to your desires and makes them real.  Take the “Find Your Genie” Quiz Now If you are unclear about what is truly important to you, you risk drifting with the currents, taking on …

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The Genie Types – Motivation Styles

Genie Types - Motivation Styles


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Find Your Genie

Set yourself up for success – Find Your Genie (for FREE) Have you ever been unsure about how to take the next step and live up to your own expectations of what you want in life? I invite you to discover the magical part of you that changes all that. There is a part of you that can make it …

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Seduction, Uproar & Secrets

seduction uproar and secrets

The Antidote to Inaction Our dueling needs for Certainty and Uncertainty can drive us nuts!  You like where you are, but you want excitement. You don’t like where you are, but you fear change. In the end – cautious steps forward. Is caution simply a cop-out?  After all, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” The alternative? …

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Do You Need Those Boundaries?

find your boundaries

The key to growth… When you allow in only what is familiar and undemanding, your life will be mediocre.  That’s something I’ve written to you about before (here). I know it intellectually, but it is good when something happens to shake me awake so I remember it, and that’s what happened to me by the end of Day 2. I …

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Absolutely Enchanting

Enchanting Garden

The multi-billion dollar entertainment industry is proof that we humans love, crave and even need enchantment. Dictionary definitions of the word enchant includes the ideas of magic, bewitching, delighting and even of joy. Enchantment is a motivating quality that directly affects our success in life, as individuals and in business.  It is the gift of Neptune. Being enchanted is like …

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9 Ways To Cultivate Optimism


And put your life on steroids    Are you an optimist? If you believe your happiness comes from inside you and that there is some more-or-less stable and predictable order to life, you are probably an optimist. If you believe you have relatively little or no control over events and that they occur without any predictable order or pattern, you …

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Wear Your Soul on Your Sleeve

what excites you

It’s good business   In this jaded world of ours, we are keenly aware of being politically and socially correct. Yet the demands of modern life are frenzied and harried and we count making time to think a luxury. The end result is murky thinking and weak philosophies. This cocktail is a powerful sedative – a creator of mediocrity..and we muddle …

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