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How ‘Fresh’ Are You?

ready to change

If you’re feeling life is a never-ending struggle, it’s possible that it’s you and not your life (or business) that needs a makeover. Sometimes, we even recognize that in ourselves, but don’t know where to start. Do you always get the response you are looking for? Are you getting what you want out of your relationships? Is your business richly …

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Your Work Your Genius

work your sun sign

How did you choose your career? Were you one of the lucky few who always knew what you wanted to be, or did you simply follow opportunities and end up finding something you enjoyed? If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? How people arrive at their careers provides for interesting reading. We humans are so …

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Why Makes a Difference

Have you ever wondered why your prospects say they want to do business with you and fail to follow through? Or why it is easy to do some things and so hard to get started or to follow through on others? Patterns of Starting and Finishing The clues to follow-through often lie in the reason or motivation people have for …

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Discover your Axis of Power

Which is Your Genie

You can do Anything! Deep down inside lie the triggers. Touch them, and you are motivated. This is where your Genie-us lies. Click the Image to Discover Yours Discover yours now.                                                                                                                                                Author: Sue Hines Image Credit:

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Your Genie-us Brand

Genie-us Brands

To show you the connection between your Genie and your brand, I took the top few Most Valuable Brands (Forbes, November 2013) and looked at what we know about the people behind them. Seeing these gigantic mega brands in the context of what their leaders said, or what was said of them, is a powerful reminder of the fact that …

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3 Secrets to Increasing Your Value

increase your unique value

And become what matters How do you get to be the best kept secret in town? Not being able to articulate the real value you provide keeps you looking “vanilla” or worse: invisible! This is a noisy world, with hundreds of things competing for our attention at any time. How do people know to choose you or what you offer? …

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Tools for Inspiration

What is Your Genie

Inspiration comes in some surprising forms. I studiously avoided something for years, yet it turned out to hold a huge gift. As a teenager, I shrugged off the subject of math and defiantly refused to take any math course. Despite spending the last several decades using statistics, I have so far managed to work around my lack of math skills. …

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Want to Boost Your Pizzazz?

Pizzazz- the magnetic force of your Genie

Isn’t the word, “pizzazz” a delicious sounding and looking word, even if there are not enough Zs in the game for you to be able to use it when playing Words with Friends or Scrabble. The week’s musings are on being in touch with this facet of you that is ultimately responsible for your success. Flick that switch!                     Pizzazz …

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Milestone Counting Misses Life Itself

Patti Coertze

Reaching Milestones or just Marking Time In talking about achievement the other day, I remembered something a wise, wise woman once told me, and I would like to share the thought with you. Dr. Patti Havenga Coertze is her name, bright eyed, curious, and always thinking – differently. The first day I met her, she took me into her sunny …

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You Are Wired for Simple

Wired for simple

Language is an organ of perception  Our brains are wired to believe rather than disbelieve. This fact influences our lives every single day. It is not the work of the con artist or magician I am talking about, although they certainly exploit this tendency. The human brain automatically accepts incoming information as true. The brain later runs the information through …

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